July 30, 2008


Random scattered thoughts like clouds and one specific zucchini.

I had more fun thinking up a title to this post (randomocity?  randomidiocy?   randomidiocity?    randomocary?)    and now I’ve just spent 3 minutes with fingers hovering over the keyboard, “what to write, what to write?…”    Best advice is just to start typing words of any kind.   Describe what I’m doing – just did that – and now watch the letters and spaces spill out onto the screen!  a delight.    

When creativity gushes turn to drought and negative maudlinism rises to the surface of the muck in my brain, I usually grab the camera and start wondering what is photo-worthy.    I present to you today, what I found.


First Zuc

First Zuc

Planted from seed, the packet gave a days timeframe of when to expect shoots poking up through the dirt and when I could expect my harvest.   This gorgeous guy was ready a week before the note on my calender said we would be introduced.    He was picked, sliced and thrown into my crockpot of hamburger-potato casserole.  

The Zuc Plant

Here’s the plant from whence he came.     

and the next one to be picked: 



I had poor planning or had poor results and failed execution for colorful flowers at this time of the summer.   Many of the annuals I planted earlier can not handle the heat stress this time of year and I got lazy on my deadheading and my zinnias dried up, too.   My favorite nursery is closed July and August so I’m not sure where I need to go to buy some 8-10 inch zinnias but I need to start thinking about them.   I love the color and boldness of a crop of zinnias…

But the clouds against this morning’s blue sky were quite striking and gave me the push I needed to write a post…    Enjoy and may you have mild temperature, plenty of sunshine and a pleasant breeze for your travels today.



  1. I love zucchini. I slice it up and dip it into salsa. 0 WW points. I just looked outdoors and my clouds are similar. I hope Sarah plants a vegetable garden next year. She’s been talking about doing it. My tomatoes are coming in now. I have 4 container plants of various tomatoes that I should go water now. Well, it was a good random post. Got me thinking about vegetables and clouds.

    Thanks Joan! You leave the BEST comments… How DO you do it!?

  2. Beautiful photos, Curious C! That sure is a shiny zucchini. Looks delicious. You’ve got to tell “randomability” about this post of yours!

  3. Gorgeous clouds. The word “randominity” should definitely go into the Blogger’s Made Up Word Dictionary.

    When I first moved to the country, everyone seemed to be growing these killer zucchinis. They’d anonymously leave big buckets of it on our porch. As I’d drive up to the house and see them, I’d spontaneously scream things like, “NOOOOOOOO! More zucchini!!!!!” Then I’d cry. Not really, but I did learn how to make things like zucchini bread, zucchini pancakes, zucchini casserole, zucchini pie, zucchini yogurt, zucchini margaritas. You get creative when you’ve got zucchini.

    Again, the cloud photos are so serene and beautiful. I think it means you’re going to have a great day. Hope so anyway.

    I DID have a great day! Thank you for reminding me of all the fun I can have with zucchini.

  4. Such pretty clouds – they look painted! Great shots there C! I’m starting to reap some of my zucchini now too. I can’t wait to do something with them in the crockpot – maybe tomorrow! You are making me hungry! LOL. Oh yes, I’ve tagged you for a meme here:
    I hope you can participate!

  5. Yeah for the zucchini! I wish I had room for a garden, how awesome is that? And, the cloud pics are great too! Thanks for sharing!

    You bet. I had to move some flowers to make way for this zuc plant. I think I got a good spot. He seems happy, anyway.

  6. We call them Corgettes in the UK – but Zucchini or courgette they’re delicous! And I LOVE the cloud pics!

    I’m assuming Corgette rhymes with Corvette? but is the G like ‘gee whiz’ or more like the hard G of go? I might have to go exploring the history of this versatile vegetable…

  7. Looks like a smooth-skinned Japanese cucumber. Have never tried one. How it tastes?

    NO, it’s a squash. very mild. In fact, as Moonbeam’s comment suggests – it can be incorporated into many dishes without changing the flavor very noticeably. My favorite is zuc bread and also, usually a late summer treat: stewed tomatoes/onions/zuc over rice. scrumptious and low calorie. Well, until you dump a ton of cheese on it, like I do.

  8. What a lovely series of photos. I like watching the zucchini grow right on your blog!

    They are growing so nicely! Every 2 days I have one nice size and so beautiful, too.

  9. I went to my dad’s house yesterday and he gave me his first two zucchini! Yay! I was excited, especially because you had whet my appetite with this post.

    Yippee for you! Way to go Dad! he really must be an amazing gardener, isn’t he. and generous, too.

  10. Zucchini Banana Bread is in the oven now! I hope it turns out yummy.

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