July 27, 2008

Well hello there, my dear readers!   Welcome to another edition of ‘Words I am Curious About.”    These are words that I found just today!  while jumping around reading blogs…    All of these words were found in posts of bloggers I admire.   Join with me as I increase my vocabulary.   Enjoy the definitions, supporting video (huh?) and a possibly helpful image from Google.     Remember, try to use these words in a sentence today!   

EPISTOLARY.   A literary term, ie the Epistolary Novel;  a novel whose story is told through letters of correspondence.   [I should have attempted my own definition before looking it up.   One of those that when you DO  look it up, you think, “oh yea, I should have known this.”]

PROPINQUITY.   As in, ‘a propinquity to cheating’…     a kinship, proximity, similar in nature.   Have you just begun to care?       or click here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcuS82UWtmc

PETARD.   an explosive device used to break down a gate or wall.     Petard 

[My source for this image is a website featuring 17th century artillery.]
That’s enough for today, my dearies.  And I hope that you either already knew these fine words (GOOD FOR YOU!   pat on the back, applause!) or you are now quite eager to show off for friends and family.   Points will not be awarded if you can use any in a post of your own.   Ta ta for now, and have a lovely Sunday. 
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  1. Hi CuriousC,

    Just popped over to yours to say a huge THANK YOU. Grandad’s card arrived yesterday with your letter. He was thrilled – he loves getting cards etc. I haven’t seen it yet as it arrived after I’d left and I’m away now for a few days until next Thursday – so I’ve had to promise to read it to him then (he’s registered blind now – he can see a little but not enough to read).


    I’m so glad it arrived!! That didn’t take too long…

  2. Ah, words. Whenever I ponder words I can’t help but to think of the words that great philosopher, Chris McConnell, via C.D. Bales, said,

    “Because I was afraid of worms, Roxanne! Worms!”

    snicker… WORMS! or course.

  3. The Mike Nesmith video’s been taken down. Sigh…what was he singing? Or doing?

    Oh? DARN! Why do they do that? Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcuS82UWtmc

    Apparently, he did a song called ‘Propinquity’ aka “I’ve just begun to care”.

  4. If you go to youtube and search for “Propinquity- Michael Nesmith”, you’ll get many MANY versions to choose from!

  5. You must read some pretty smart bloggers.

    I was in love with Mike Nesmith when I was 8.
    Aka known as “I’ve just begun to care”? That’s weird, I just read a blog that said the new X-Files movie should have been called I Want To Care.

    I do read some pretty smart bloggers: YOU! and David and Wrekehavoc and Fighting Windmills and …. LOTS!

  6. we often use the phrase “hoisted by his own petard” around here 😉

    Hee hee! I know I knew the word – I’m pretty sure I ‘get’ this expression but when I read it and how it was used jarred my consciousness – does that make sense? Had to go look it up.

  7. i like that word- propinquity.
    Thanks for introducing us. 🙂

    Mike was my favorite Monkee.

    I like this new word, too. I like the emphasis on the PINK sounds – like a positive color ness… I’m voting for PINK! Pink-ity for everyone! Ever played the game of dictionary? “The granting full support by law to painting an entire house pink” I love that game.

  8. Mike “Wool Cap” Nesmith, the forgotten Monkee. I was a fan of Mickey Dolenz myself. Now THERE was a talented musician!

    Propinquity is very cute, thanks for using it. How about concupiscence?

    Thanks David! I REALLY like this new word and promise to use it in a sentence – it could stimulate an entire post?!

  9. Words? I love words! I am such a word geek that I subscribe to dictionary.com’s “word for the day” e-mails. Thanks for expanding my vocabulary by sharing some of your favorites.

    By the way, you recently stopped by my blog and were kind enough to leave a comment. Thanks!

    You are welcome – thanks for visiting little ol’ me! I love looking up words… Good to know I’m not the only one.

  10. PETARD. Sounds interesting.

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