Photo Friday: Forbidden

July 25, 2008

Today’s Photo Friday is entitled: Forbidden Photos! chosen by Author

at A Curious Affair blog and originator of this fun activity.

(Have you ever visited a place where there was a sign saying: NO PHOTOS ALLOWED! – but you ignored it and took them anyway …..) 

This theme will be more a good story than a good visual…   Unfortunately, I have not taken such a photo (but my Hub has) so rather than present to you any pics today, I will tell you about the happenstance and direct you (yep, this is an ORDER) to visit the Author/Jan and everyone else who is participating.    Click the link above, the second line of this post…


In 2002, we took a cruise through the Caribbean and since the high security measures to protect all things planes-trains-and-automobiles-BOATS were still swung to the extreme side of the pendulum, our walk onto the cruise ship was intensely WATCHED.    I am not sure if this is true for every cruise since this was my first (and only), but I was not expecting the crazy long line;  they snake you through back & forth ropes for hours.  Eventually, you emerge into a grand lobby which is the boat.     You could easily think you were in Vegas and not on a boat at all.

However, one of the hallways we casually strolled through did have a window.    A window with a sign that said,


Hub didn’t care what the sign said (but I did – I’m very VERY much a follower of any rules.)   He walked over to the window and snapped a picture.

Then promptly got yelled at by a security lady who actually lifted her baton into the air as if she would swat him!    He apologized.   She threatened to take away our camera.   I must have stood there wide eyed and in shock…    Hub quickly got back into the line and meekly expressed his regret, blah blah blah, and we were able to keep our camera.

Sorry, I can’t show you the picture – I don’t have a digital copy – the physical one is displayed in my scrapbook.  But it’s just a picture of a boat.   A big cruise ship.   Something like this:

But it was a bizarre incident and it rather scared me – not about breaking any rules, per se, but as to what our lives were becoming in the post-911 world.   Would some terrorist really blow up a Carnival Cruise?    As long as I could sit by a pool with a drink in my hand…  

I suppose you were hoping my forbidden photo might have some NEKKIDNESS?!   sorry, alas, oh no no no.



  1. Hub was brave, or was that foolish? I have to admit that when it comes to officals, especially American officials after 9/11 – I never break the rules. They seem obsessed. I can understand why – but there are occasions when they just go too far. I mean what harm could a photo through a window do? I once saw someone arrested at Las Vegas airport for taking an aspirin – presumely they thought it was drugs!

    I believe the issue is to prevent photographic evidence of the ship’s boarding process…

  2. I was shooting a video of a band outside an abandoned insane asylum. We’d shoot in doorways and on the grounds but we never went in. Not because I didn’t want to (there were openings) but one of the band members was too frightened.

    We’re shooting in this tall grass just off the roadway when security pulled up. He was mad! He said we had two choices: arrest or hand over the tape. The bands flipping out. They try to negotiate but he wants no part of it. I calmly walk up to him, open the camera, take out the tape and hand it to him. He let’s us start loading gear and the band is pissed at me. I pat the lead singer on the shoulder and told him to chill.

    “I swapped out tapes when he pulled up. His tape is blank.”

    You’re brilliant. A sneaky quick-thinking kind of brilliance. I love reading of your adventures.

  3. I always tend to follow the rules too. If it’s a rule you follow it. I think that has to do with being taught by nuns. I’m not sure. But sometimes when I see that word “forbidden” it calls to me though I have yet to have the nerve to follow it.

    Don’t get me going about the government. I guess that’s why I don’t talk politics on my blog because once I get going I can’t stop. George Orwell’s “1984” is finally here.

    ‘forbidden calls to me’… LOL

  4. This is a great theme! Thanks for telling your cruise ship story. Maybe I’ll take a camera into Martin’s and try my luck. It’s a new grocery store that has a ‘photography forbidden’ sign on the entrance.

  5. Yes I have 🙂

  6. Love the cruise ship story…..guess I need to keep my eyes out for signs of rules to break, huh?

    Sure – go be a rebel!

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