Applause Vol I, Issue I

July 22, 2008

The woman has a blog and she isn’t afraid to use it.  

I’m refering to Annie, that Writer Chick Who Talks (writerchicktalks.com) and posts so frequently I admit it is difficult to me to keep up.   Is always heartfelt, often humorous, courageous and meaningful.    I consider her blog one my must-reads and call Annie ‘Friend.’    

Now, today and tomorrow+, she tackles the topic of Women and Blogging.    She has a panel of experts at the ready and she is asking tough questions.   This is and will be a fascinating read, in my opinion, and wanted to be a cheerleader for her and all the women and men who are participating.    

CLICK HERE to go directly to Writer Chick Talks.

I thought I might attempt to answer some of her queries myself and yet…   no.    I am either 1)  too much of a chickenshit to expose my thoughts to hard questions, or 2)  apathetic and/or aware of my lack of ambition of any ‘impact’.    But that doesn’t diminish my personal fascination with what Annie is presenting. 

Do I think women and men have different approaches to blogging.  YES, SURE, MAYBE.   But I don’t know what exactly or how to qualify, quantify.    

Her panel has a variety or participants, some of whom I know and admire.   The answers promise to be quite interesting.    Way to go Annie!    You’re awesome.    I’m cheering you on. 

I’m going to call these “Shout Out” posts my Applause Series.   I believe a couple of my best qualities are enthusiasm and the ability to encourage.   I will featuring bloggers who deserve attention, admiration, and applause.




  1. Aw thanks, C – you are always such a great cheerleader and I could kick myself cuz I should have wrangled you into this as well. What began as a simple idea turned into quite the monster post – and I’ve only just now finished all three parts. Phew! Hope everybody finds it interesting and enlightening. I know I did.


    Oh, Annie, PHEW! I thank you for not wrangling me, really. I can’t wait to read it, though. 🙂

  2. I think what Annie is doing with this idea is terrific. It really got me thinking. I don’t know If I remember what I was thinking about but I thought about it for a while. Everyone’s blog is so different which is what I like about blogging. You meet so many interesting people that make you laugh, cry, teach and make you aware of things you hadn’t thought of and will hopefully remember.

    You’re the BEST! You are one of the few I know and admire… You are so right about this blogging thing.

  3. Do i qualify as a woman??? 😉 😯
    I like the idea though

    Well, I don’t know?! You qualify yourself however you need to, my Dear. IF you like the idea -? JUMP to it! (get it? my blog name?)

  4. What a great idea for a series for you, C! I think you are a great encourager! I’m going to rush over to Annie’s now. Been meaning to all this time I’ve been wrangling with photos. 😉

    Thank Teeni! I loved your photos. I meant to slow them down, though – a few of the captions got away from me…

  5. What a neat idea! I know i have regular blogs that are a must read!! I cannot wait to see what else catches your eye!

    Thx Hallie. I have TOO MANY ideas. I’m excited to see this one embraced so enthusiastically…

  6. i thought it was a really good job and am glad to see others agreeing. It’s sparked some good debate and has got many thinking.

    Were you one of the panel members? I could tell which comments were Joan’s… It has got me thinking a lot about what – if any – goals I have for this blog or if it’s just for fun.

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