Short Thoughts

July 21, 2008

“My thoughts were short, my hair was long.”   (no prize offered nor given for correctly identifying artist/song)

I spent most of my weekend outside.   It was hot.    Most of the activity I partook (that IS a word, yes?) in was sitting around drinking.   On a deck, in a lounge chair, by the pool, drying off by the fire after I was thrown INTO said pool.    Then doing it again the next day.    Drank too much, ate a lot, sat around.

It occurred to me that this was actually a very boring weekend.  In a good way.  and I feel SOOO tired today!   sluggard.

No one bugged me about my blog and I spared everyone IRL all the stuff I enjoy about ‘blugging’.   Dreck & dross, perhaps or not, but sure is fun.   Sometimes, it feels like I lead a double life.   Or triple life.   Triple life doesn’t sound right though…    Sure is curious.

Carry on!   [Don’t forget, Project Runway is Wednesday!]
Respectfully submitted,

Curious “C” 

“Sipping whisky from a bottle, not thinkin’ bout tomorrow…”



  1. OK are you on medication (LOL!) or should I be on medication (LOL!) or are you rambling of late because you’re laid back and R E L A X E D?

    I suspect it’s the latter!

    So I thought I’d ramble a bit too – to keep you company.

    You’re weekend sounded just great to me – but then I’m the Queen of doing nothing and enjoying it!

    Love the daisy header – fresh as a daisy!

    Love the faded Rhodedendron (spelling?) photo too.

    And wow! Fancy Photo Friday being the first thing you think about on a Friday! That’s my girl! You might like to suggest another title for our advanced diary?

    Rambling is fun isn’t it?

    heehee, nope – not on medication. Rambling is one of my favorite activies. Also, I enjoy babbling, wandering, generalizing, staring at the sky, gazing upon flowers, and making eye contact with babies.

  2. I liked that quote about the short thoughts and long hair. Your weekend sounds pretty great. Thanks for the reminder about Project Runway. This one snuck up on me and I missed it last week. I’ll have to DVR both Wednesday night to make up for lost time, which is okay because I love watching two in a row. Thank you!

    So you don’t know the song!? It’s being played on the radio RIGHT NOW. Thank YOU for the headsup about PR – I am debating reading it. (which means, I haven’t yet – but I’ve saved it!)

  3. *gasp* did you just link to your book club blog? I can’t believe it! And from there I get to see your third blog, dedicated to Oscar? Your triple life was a mystery to me, until today. *clinking your glass* Cheers!

    SHHHHH! Don’t let’s make it so obvious, huh? Yea, I don’t know what made me do it. whatever. CHEERS to you! oh, and congrats on winning the book from Lisa. She’s got a great blog, doesn’t she. Yep, I saw your blog on her ‘roll… You’re not the only one observant around here.

  4. I had a similar weekend C. Too hot to ride the bike, but the right temperature for vodka. For me vodka enjoyment temperature range is from -50° to 120°F.

    … I keep thinking I know that lyric …

    ah, VODKA! Good to see you save it for special occasions. Like, only days that end in the letter ‘Y’, times like that.

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