Just For Fun

July 20, 2008

[This was the post I originally posted for last week’s Photo Friday…     I had the theme a little mixed up but thought this was JUST BRILLIANT!  (ha, yea right) and want to post it anyway.   I had so much fun thinkin’ it up and then a whole lot of embarrassment…   Point is, I’m inspired by all the comments to Moonbeam’s lastest post about blogblock and blogging obligations and self-censoring, etc.    I again realized that I do this silliness for ME, damn it.   Not you.   Or maybe I need only redefine who YOU is.   the universe?   But of course, I very much looooove the feedback and participation I get from all of you. (“you” being you readers & bloggers, but not necessarily the ‘universe’; does that make any sense?)    AND, I am also inspired to use this blog to be the better me that I want to be.   Not dreck and dross about lost spoons – although that, too, was me using this medium to force out negativity and it DID work.   I hope to rechannel my focus to help me explore more the relationship I’m having with my world.  You know, purpose crap, passions and all that.

oh – and an update:   Got the Orange Spoon back!   found it in my mailbox.   What?   You are wondering if it came with a note?  nope.]  

Ok, read on my original 7/18 PF ==>


Usually the first thing I think of upon waking on a Friday is ‘Today is Photo Friday!’    I realized this particular morning that I had not yet looked at the theme.   I was hoping that I would be able to find something in my photo file folders that would be appropriate since I had not done my typical Thursday prep for this auspicious occasion.    I admit that I felt a bit guilty in that I had not yet checked on what the topic was to be and the very first  window I opened was Jan’s A Curious Affair blog to find out.

OK, then.   JUST FOR FUN.    This can’t be too difficult, I thought…    I finished up my daily&Friday morning chores of feeding the dog, making the coffee, picking up dog poop and taking out the trash.

And finally, to publish this post.    

Of course, by this time, I had decided to grab my camera and create something specific and unique just for this theme rather than wade through whale photos, cairn pics, and the other stuff that occupies most of the space on my hard drive…

Liatris:   OO La la!  Look at me!  I’m so pretty!  and you, poor POOR Hydrangea – what’s this?  only one wee flower to show off?   and it’s not even very blue, but faded.

Hydrangea:    [silence]

Liatris:  My official name is KOBOLD Blazing Star.   Quite bold and fancy, doncha think?    In my Blazing Glory!  Ah, so nice to be here with my brothers and sisters, soaking up the sun, attracting me some butterflies…    

Ya know, Mistress of the Garden planted my mother only last year.  and now look at us!   I have many siblings sprouted here there and everywhere.  And you?    Just one of you and only one bloom.   Tsk, tis a pity.   Oh, I’m sorry – you DO have a sister.  Way over there across the bed, between 5 or 6 of my brothers.   Goodness – does she have NO blooms?    If I wasn’t so joyful, I’d be so sad for you.

Hydrangea:  [silence]

Liatris:   And my colors!   So much brighter than lavender – more a pink violet?   FUSCHIA!   yes, yes!!   And look how TALL I am!    Just me alone, I have three tall stems of flower.  I’m a STAR!   

Hydrangea:   PBPBPBpbppbbBBTTHSTTHSTTHh.



  1. I love hydrangeas! If you don’t have a lot of flowers this year it might be because it was really cold in late spring? Your liatris looks great.
    This comment reads like a report card, doesn’t it? A+ on liatris. Hydrangeas still need work. Have you parents call me.

    My poor hydrangeas… the last 2 years I have had ZERO blooms and finally this year, at least I have one. The very first year of these poor plants, someone had told me it was OK to prune it down in winter. WRONG. I’m not sure they will ever recover! This is year 5 for them and they look so healthy! but no flowering… I poor pickle juice and coffee grounds on them all through the year.

    Oh, I do not have hover-parents. Thanks for the teach-review, but they won’t be calling cuz I won’t be telling them to.

  2. I think that is so funny about the orange spoon showing up in your mailbox. She should have brought it to you in person so you could have kicked her butt as she left.

    It was a good photo Friday even though it’s Sunday.

    I had so much fun composing this in my head and then when I actually put it to paper (screen), it came out pretty good, I thought. THEN I realized I totally screwed up the theme for the week. drasted, blasted crap of it al! so, PhotoFridaySunday it is.

  3. In your mailbox?!? How heartless. Nah, I have this feeling that BOTH of us are just chickenshits.

    I told a friend about the name of Liatris because she has one but didn’t know what it was. Thanks for providing the answer in such a timely manner! Interesting how you both posted photos of this flower within a day of each other. Here’s my friend’s post if you want to see.

    Thank you for the link and the excellent observation skills. Your lucky day to read TWO posts on liatris, huh? If you plant one, the next year you’ll have two or more just pop up whereever.

  4. Ow, SNAP! Take that hydrangea! The purple pecker flower OWNS the hydrangea.

    Fun post C! I hear you loud and clear on the blogblock angst. It’s always a struggle to not give in to the guilt. Strive for mediocrity, that’s my motto!

    Dreck and dross are perfectly acceptable material for blog posts. I’ve come to think of it as a more cumulative thing than I’d realized it was. But I only post when motivated. So even if it’s a sucky post, at least there will be a genuine part of me in it. And it’s all about me. And you.

    Purple pecker flower?!?! I will not have flower porn on my site! I’ll leave that to YOU. (hee hee) You’re posts are always good and eagerly looked forward to. Dreck and Dross would be good cat names, ya think?

  5. Thanks FW!! 🙂 Very humorous exchange and I can hear it now! LOL

    Welcome – Thank you AND thank you FW!!

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