Photo Friday: Clouds

July 18, 2008

Ooops.   I had a Photo Friday published and then realized I screwed up the theme.    So, I quickly UNPUBLISHED (which is cool that we can do this, I guess) and am now typing this while reviewing my photos for clouds…   My apologies to Julie for not being more prepared AND to Janine for being an idiot in NOT READING the assignment.   

Today, right now, thin clouds in the skies above Southeast Massachusetts…

  Looking Southwest-WEST from my front stoop.

So, for something a bit more pleasing and inviting…   Costa Rica, the Osa Peninsula (Pacific side)


The Tall Chick gives Tales of storm clouds. 

Author presents the deciding factor in choosing where to live. 

You may be speechless when you see Spatula Handle’s entry – but leave a comment anyway.

You MUST MUST MUST!  go here to read Cordie B’s awesome cloud poetry!

Ivey (eek – let me know if I have this wrong) or Mrs. Nascar?  tells a story of a week of cloud and some doughballs.



  1. I really like the picture by the ocean with the clouds! It looks so beautifully peaceful.

    Costa Rica is my definition of heaven.

  2. I heart both of these photos! The perspective is so comforting, looking to the side, of the photo where the waves are coming in. I can imagine the frothy water against my ankles.

    Yes! I was standing in the surf when I snapped the shot! Heaven, I tell ya.

  3. Oh that costa Rican beach – how I would love to be walking along it barefoot right now! It’s a beautiful photo – and the clouds are lovely and fluffy and white – offering a litle shade from the hot sun.

    And how lovely to see the clouds from your front stoop today – that’s really cool!

    OH, stop. You’re just saying that. It IS funny how all weekend long, I’ve been looking up into the clouds and evaluating their worthiness of a photo shot.

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  5. Nice pics! Makes me want to go back on vacation! 🙂

    A vacation every six weeks would fit nicely into my dream life… But I’d have to alternate beach/ocean vacays with historical old cities, then into the mountains and cool nature places (I think we might do Yellowstone next) and then… back to the beach.

  6. I have to say the first photo looks all too familiar. The second one I would love to see in person.

    Hee hee! I can just picture you looking at my SEMass cloud photo and then looking out the window, “Yep, same clouds.” You do say ‘yep’, don’t you?

  7. Hey C,
    I love clouds, they are so comforting somehow – like a big fluffy quilt or a light summer sheet. Nice.

    Clouds like people can show their soft side as well as their menacing scary side, sometimes… I think we all just like to stare up into the sky and … wonder.

  8. Nice pictures!Ugh i want to go on vacation guess I will just have to fight this cancer and then go 😉

    Absolutely! Fight it and plan beach vacations for many many years, ok?

  9. Very beautiful pics C. That cloudy beach scene is awsome! Looks like a place I’d like to visit. Thanks for sharing! PLL, CordieB.

    and Peace Love and Light to YOU! Your poems for the clouds were the best.

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  11. Purty!

    Thanks Dearie. xoxoxox!

  12. Don’t worry about being late….I pre-posted mine since it was my turn to pick the topic, and I knew I’d be out of town, then I used the wrong date to post my photo…..so, it came out today, Sunday! Check it out! http://www.lifeofjulie.woredpress.com

    Nice work!

    Don’t you hate it when the future-publish feature doesn’t work!? I had that happen to one of my PF posts awhile ago. Your clouds were amazing. and my SUNDAY version is in your honor!

  13. So serene. Lovely photos!

    Thank you! But really, my cloud PF was the least impressive of our amazing bunch of photographers…

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