Project Runway Season V

July 17, 2008

Did you miss it?!   I almost did.    I went right from PR Season IV to American Idol and was taking the summer off from TV.   What happened?   How did I miss this!?    almost, anyway.   

And I thought Nina wasn’t coming back and had been canned by Elle magazine?   I’m woefully behind with the gossip crap but at least I saw the first episode and know who is already gone.   

I’ll probably catch up sooner or later.    I love this show!      (I’d link you up but you are one of two kinds of people – admit it:   you either don’t care or have already rushed over to Bravo, or the PR blog, or….)



  1. LOL. I’m not into the show at all, but it is funny to see how many people are and how they love the gossip and hubbub about it. I don’t do the reality type shows any more because I personally get too worked up over them myself. 😯

    You have terrific self-control. I, myself, choose one or two shoes for ‘must see’ and rarely watch TV – except movies… I can sit and find a movie and watch it whether it just started or is the last 5 minutes. PR to me is so creative and inspiring (I want to sew but never do) and shows me a side of life totally opposite this boring neighborhood I live in.

  2. I missed it but they usually show it a few times I hope. It’s the only TV show my sister watches and her husband loves it too. He just doesn’t seem the type to watch it. He’s a machinist who drives a motorcycle. Thanks for the heads up.

    I told my hub how lucky he was that he was out of town for the premiere and then mentioned your BIL. He snorted in disbelief. He HATES Project Runway.

  3. OMG! I almost missed it too! Thank heavens for DVR…all of a sudden it was recording something and it was a NEW PR!!! HEAVEN!! i am not sure i like any of them yet…usually i have a favorite….but love love love Austin! and what was with the tanning? that guy is weird and so was his dress, i would not let him near my “down there region” with a needle and thread!! the garbage bag dress should have been O U T !!!! oh well! i am looking forward to a cool new season!!

    I have yet to pick a fave, too. I agree with you re: the scary tan guy. His outfit was not even worthy of being called a mess. AND the trash bag dress was definitely worse than the all white thing even if the yellow gloves were beyond creepy, at least it looked like a design with construction. Gotta keep the drama in – the guy voted off must have been too boring for TV? His portfolio sure looked like it had substance. oh well. “carry on – make it work!”

  4. I’ve never seen it 😦

    I LOVE it. One, Heidi is too beautiful and I am stunned such a creature exists. TWO, Tim Gunn is so adorable. Three, the amazing creativity of the designers – the ability to think up and ALSO construct the design under time pressure, etc – astounds me! and inspires me to want to learn to sew and even design. and it’s a mess of funny drama and exposure to people I don’t know in my regular life. Plus, the hub HATES it so yes, I admit, that is part of it, too.

  5. Nina Garcia’s title when introduced is “Editor at Large” now.

    Do you have an early favorite? i have an early un-favorite-licious. i like the show, even though it is a reality show and i hate clothes shopping and am not trendy at all because i love the artistry of the designs. i call this my “i wish i knew how to sew” season.

    Nina’s new title: Yea, I saw that, but… what does it mean? whatever.
    I do have some early faves – I like Kelly. Something about her makes me think I KNOW her which is a strange feeling. And I like Kenley. I admit, I almost did a post with a title ‘-licious’ but gave up… He’s quite strange. I do’nt like that Jerrell guy, either – he seems to be trying to be conflicting and all drama. It’s so early to see talent. I want to take sewing lessons but all the classes say ‘bring your machine’ and mine weights 871 pounds.

  6. I’m dismayed. I can’t keep track of who’s who this season. Except the obnoxious ones — Kato Kalin, Morticia Addams, and Tencel (i mean “Suede”). I still love Tim, though.

    HEE HEE! Yes, a season of dismay! I’m still a bit sad about Emily – she looked like an old friend of mine… I am not sad at all about who was gone for the Olympic episode. but good luck to her. I do feel a bit guilty about bashing these poor souls – even if they signed up for it! I know I wouldn’t last 20 minutes. Of course, I’m more than a little intimidated by my sewing machine…

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