They’re Gone

July 15, 2008

Yippee!  My company is gone back home!!!    YEA!    Actually, we had a lovely time playing tour guide and host.

But it’s nice to have my schedule my own and by myself.    Back to bluggin’, I is.   YIPPEE!     

The Whale Watch was fabulous.   We had a baby (only weighing in about 1 1/2 tons, I guess?) who was showing off for us very close to the boat.   At one point, he (maybe a she?) was rolling over onto his momma and sunned his belly with his tale on his mom’s nose.    I bet she was getting a bit annoyed with him… 

“OK, that’s enough looking at the humans, let’s go now.   NOW.”



  1. WOW! You got some fantastic photos! I’m jealous!

    Actually, these photos are my BILs – I left my camera at home. This was our third trip in 3 years and there is only so many partial tale shots with un-horizontal ocean that I need to have! Of course, the tours keep getting better and better so I had to borrow these!

  2. Oh wow. That looks *AMAZING*

    Thanks for sharing the pictures. I want to do this one day!

    I recommend it! It’s such a thrill. The humpbacks seem to like to show off.

  3. Fascinating!

    Yes, very.

  4. Company is fun but it can be tiresome too. The pictures are great.That must have been cool to watch the baby.

    Yes, we had a wonderful visit but very exhausting. and I was a total slug the day they left – my house is a disaster! I think I’ll pick it up tomorrow…

  5. I so want to go whale watching! You know i teach people about how we hunted whales in the 1800’s but i have never seen a whale. I could tell you how they sailed around hunting them, how they killed them, who did it and how and what they processed. BUT i have never seen one!! Someday I will!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Oh you MUST! I’m assuming Plymouth can’t be TOO far for you? Your boys are the perfect ages, too! The Marine Bio lady on our boat had all sorts of lit and show and tell stuff. Very fun trip.

  6. It is fun to have someone over and stay, but when they leave it feels like such a relief (to me anyway)- all the stress of having things nice, and then ya get back to normal. No fuss. The whale watching, I’m speechless, are you kidding me? Who gets to do that? Oh, you do! Lucky duck!

    hee hee – when I first read your comment I thought you said the ‘stress of BEING nice’! Which is work, too. It’s hard to get any alone time when you have company. I felt I was being rude to read my book or get onto the computer. There are SOOOO many things to do in Massachusetts it boggles the brain what to choose. Yet, we always do the same things now. I’m want to get to Concord and see the Rev War stuff but it’s not oceany enough for my landlocked visitors. They want the boats and who can blame them?

  7. We have always had great luck with the Whale Watch boats out of Plymouth Mass. I recommend it heartily. Unfortunately, they have the structure surrounding the “Plymouth Rock” under construction so you can barely take a glimpse of it. During SUMMER?! crazy…

  8. Wow– amazing!

    Wow – what? That my company left and I survived it? or the cool whales? Yea, the whales are fun to watch…

  9. Absolutely fabulous photos.You are sooo lucky to have seen the whales!

  10. The whale watch, silly, the whale watch. Those pictures are amazing!

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