Photo Friday: “O” The Lake

July 11, 2008

  Link to see more, read more, enjoy MORE: here.

Today’s Photo Friday theme offers a choice of bodies of water – that’s my memory of the theme without me going to look it up!   But I will attempt the link and ask for forgiveness for not visiting anyone… yet.   I have company and it is being quite frowned upon for me to jump on the computer to do ANYTHING.  So I’m quickly posting this and will be back next week sometime – unless I can sneak some time in.    Unlikely!  

This is Oscar at the lake!    He LOVES to swim and chase whatever we can throw for him to retrieve. 

                 He’s a pointing breed, ya know.


OK, I gotta run.   Have more coffee to brew, get ready, go into Boston to walk the Freedom Trail….   Yesterday we went to Newport, day before that – we just oriented the area we live in.    Tomorrow is Plymouth and a whale watch.   (can we please stay home and do nothing?!?!!)



  1. Oscar and the lake is gorgeous. Have a great time with your visitor!

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  3. Great photo, CuriousC! Thanks for taking the time to post this in the midst of your obligation to be a good hostess.

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  5. I know how busy things get, but glad you participated! Take lots of photos on your visits for future photo fridays!

  6. Cute picture! I can sympathize with the company thing, my step daughter visited a few months ago and we went non-stop for a week…I was exhausted when she left.

  7. I love Newport. I want to here all about it. Have a great time.

  8. I love the curly fur all over him.

  9. I know the feeling. Cute picture; He’s spotted something in the water it appears! Have a great time – see ya soon! PLL, CordieB.

  10. Oscar is so precious pointing at whatever swims beneath! Ringo always tells me when the manatees are coming. We haven’t seen them lately so I think they have migrated on..’tis pretty hot here now and the river creatures are quieter.

    Have fun..we’ll all still be here. 🙂

    Good energies to you!

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