Monday Musings

July 7, 2008

I want to establish some more disciplined blogging habits.   I hope to actually visit the “My Comments” section of the dashboard BEFORE I do anything else, then respond to comments here (thank you!) and then visit the bloggers blogs that have stopped by and then visit my must-visits faves, then other blogs in my roll at random (hey – wonder what THEY are up to these days…) and then post.

But I’m not disciplined.

I usually go bounce around and leave a few comments and when I do go visit My Comments, it’s always the comments I just left 2 minutes ago.  

Then I remember my google-reader and get overwhelmed how many blogs I’ve added to this service, how many posts the count is up to, and then I go do some laundry.


Did anyone watch Wimbledon?!    wow.   WOW.      I do admire the male tennis player physique…

While on vacation, no – while on the drive BACK from the holiday to the neighborhood, I was writing in my journal about all the fun things I am inspired to do!     I must be more disciplined to ACCOMPLISH and get the mosaics COMPLETE.  DONE.   I want to get back to scrapbooking.  First I must re-organize my craft room.    I want to sew.   I want to design or take apart a few dresses and recreate in other more fun fabrics!     I have curtains to hem and hang that have been patiently waiting for me for 14 months now.    I have a camera that I really should sit down with the book and understand what the thing is doing (at those times when I get the display chart and can’t get it to go back to ‘next photo ready’ aim.   I always turn it off and turn it back on.  sigh.) 

And, now, I have so much to do today that is just life stuff.   laundry, groceries, my volunteering – I’ve got 4 appts today.  TODAY!

  The latest CAIRN.  Before the 5 year old thought it was cool to knock it down…

I have company visiting later this week and I need to get ready.     Just so you know, I won’t be posting much on the ol’ blug during the next fortnight or so…

Happy July!Yours truly, Curious C



  1. LOL. I’ve done that with the “my comments” after I’ve just made a bunch of new ones and I can’t see mine from the day before. It’s good to do things in a sensible order.

    I love the photo of the cairn in the water. Have a great day!

  2. This was a fun and inspiring post C.
    I hope you will share some of your project results!

    As an imperfect perfectionist..I need to practice more disciplined habits too. :O

    Enjoy your guest!

    Oh thank you! an Imperfect perfectionist or… a perfect imperfectionist? hee hee

  3. “Did anyone watch Wimbledon?”

    What a fantastic match it was! It’s one of the best ever. Female tennis players have great physique too. Just watch the Williams sisters.

  4. Have a great time with your guests, and good luck in organizing your blogging habits. I’m trying to do the same thing myself.

    I can’t watch tennis or golf on TV, for me it’s like watching paint dry. I need a lot of crazed drama, like Kimora’s Life In The Fab Lane or some such ridiculous crap.

  5. ooooh! I hate that word “disciplined” – I think it’s nice to do just as you please when blogging. Truth is, it is very time consuming isn’t it? So maybe that’s why you feel you need to be disciplined and get it under control. I subscribe to BWO (blogging without obligation) – so feel quite comfortable about it how much or little I do.

    I do have a bit of a routine myself. Once a week I visit all my favourite blogs (whether they’ve visited me or not) and often I leave comments. I check out regularly who’s visited me and if they’re newbies I pop over to their blog to be nosey – if I like it I favourite it. I’m wary of creating too many favourite blogs though, as I have limited time. So every now and then I have a clear out – and delete any links that aren’t proving very rewarding, one way or another.

    Hope you enjoy your visitors and still have time for Photo Friday!!!!

  6. Oh C, you crack me up. I had to laugh because you sound like me. I have my big list and I’m all organized and ready to go and then I see a butterfly….several hours later I’m wondering what I was supposed to be doing.

  7. LOL you crack me up and i want that PIE 🙂

  8. loved watching the williams sisters’ match. bummed i missed most of the men’s stuff, though. very, very bummed.

  9. I’m like Wendy. If I want to take a nap all I have to do is turn on golf or even football and I will be lulled to sleep. I love the cairn. I’ve yet to build one because I can’t find any rocks in the yard and I haven’t stolen any yet from someone else’s yard. I wonder want kind of fine or jailtime rock thieves get. I am a very undisciplined blogger.

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