Photo Friday: Traditions

July 3, 2008

The theme this week is Traditions!     Click here for all the Photo Friday details:  Photo Friday

One tradition we have is to eat lobster on the 4th of July.

 I took this photo in 2005 and had to cut/paste from my online photo storage account and thus it takes a few steps to re-create back into a *.jpg file.    Or maybe I don’t know a better way, but anyway, it’s pixelliness is somewhat distorted but not unpleasantly, imo.

This next photo is me in my traditional lobster dress.  

I have lobster flipflops from LL Bean to match.   Oscar is just a baby here.  The setting is a lake in Maine.  We’ve been able to spend this holiday here since we moved to New England.   It’s lovely as lovely can be.

A few fun family photos more…   Enjoy.

 Of course, PIE!!   Though I used my lobster cookie cutter to decorate the crust, it only has rhubarb, strawberries, sugar and typical pie ingredients.   No crustaceans were harmed in the baking of this pastry.

 Oscar is all about the swimming and retrieving sticks.

 It is idyllic.

  The Hub!   This was last year.

  Me and a lobster friend…  I think this is 2006.

Happy US Independence Day!   



  1. This looks like such a nice, relaxing, (yet fun!) place to be. I hope you have a great holiday weekend. Love the whole lobster theme. I think I had lobster once, it was pretty good, we dipped it in butter 😉

    Happy 4th!!!

    I am crazy for lobsters. It’s a long story. well, not really. I’ll post on it someday!

  2. What a great entry – that pie looks so tasty I could eat some right now!
    I’d love to see a close pic of the lobster dress & shoes – I can’t imagine …..

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

    Hee hee – I’ll have to do a lobster wardrobe post. I have a few lobster clothes, believe it. or not.

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  4. I love Maine. We used to camp up in Bar Harbor every year for two weeks when the kids were little. I also love Lobster and it’s low points for weight watchers. I’d have to keep away from that pie though it looks very good. Great photos and have a great weekend.

    Bar Harbor is a great place. I have yet to take the Hub up that far – I was there in college. SO lobster is low points? But I suppose you can’t have it slathered in the butter, huh? but good lobster is sweet without it, right?

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  6. Looks like a nice tradition! (Not for the lobster!)
    Happy 4th!

    Hope you had a great holiday, too!

  7. OH i love Lobster!!!!!!!!!!

    ME TOO!!!!

  8. An excellent Photo Friday! The food looks ridonculously delicious. I love your lobster dress.

    Lobster and CLAMS, too! They’re the bestest.

  9. 4th of July with Lobster! Wow what a great tradition. Thanks for sharing! Wow that’s a big lobster on the last pic! How did you cook it! lol. PLL, CordieB.

    I think the lobster looks bigger on the plate! It was just over 1#, it’s softshell. We boil/steam them. My cousin knows EXACTLY how long.

  10. LOBSTER!!!

    Oh, yes…. LOBSTAH!!

  11. LOL. Oh, I am so glad I scrolled back to see what I’ve missed while I was gone. I thought I had posted a comment on your post with the pic of Oscar on the dock (he’s a cutie) but I may have left the page too quickly before my comment went through. D’oh. Anyway, you are too cute in your lobster dress and with your lobster friend. Nice to “meet” you! 🙂

    Hi Teeni! My blogging addiction has been suffering big time – I’m off to visit you right now.

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