Reading and Blogging

June 28, 2008

Though I KNOW my blogging addiction will bring me by here during the weekend, I’ve signed up on my other blog to be a cheerleader for the Read-A-Thon that is going on in the book-blog-osphere starting at Noon EST today.

Yep, I have MBPS.         Sure, it’s time consuming but I think I’m benefitting the world in some small cheerful way, I’ve just gotta be!

(If you must know what the other blog is, I challenge you to be creative in finding out.   It really isn’t too tough…   a few choice words in the main WP search box will bring you right to it, probably….)

I have some 70 book blogs to visit in the next 24 hours!     I would have signed up for the reading part but I was doubtful that I would be able to just stick to reading!    If I combined it with blogging, I would end up reading everyone else’s post and POOF!  the 24 hours would be over and I would have read 10 pages of my book.

So, I’ll visit you all on Monday!  or before.  who knows!  ha.



  1. Yay! YOu’re using the badge! Ain’t it awesome? 70 blogs? Are you fricking kidding me? Good luck and have fun.

    I will move the badge to the sidebar. someday! yep – over 70 bloggers were ‘reader’s and about 10 or so who were admin and cheering. It was a ton of fun! I was a commenting fool…

  2. Oh lawdy, and I was having trouble keeping up with my blogroll – seriously. I always want to read each and every post from everyone….. 🙂

    GOOD LUCK! Enjoy Curious! Have a great week!

    IT WAS A BLAST! I had a lot of fun. I was commenting like a mad woman.

  3. “I have some 70 book blogs to visit in the next 24 hours!”

    This is one challenging task.

    It was a blast. I visited and read many MANY superdooper many blog posts and though I didn’t give insightful commentary to each, it was a lot of fun. The next one is in October…

  4. Hmmm… do I know you from other blogs, perhaps? (I’m Curious#1 😉

    Hmmmm – maybe! I found you from leafless; I don’t think I’d ever visited before today. I love the way your write and your topics are fascinating. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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