Photo Friday SUNSET

June 27, 2008

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The theme this week is supposed to be Sunrise And Sunset  but since the sun gets up way earlier than I do (and I was up by 5:25 am today), I am going to present my latest sunset pictures.    Hub and I were fishing in Buzzards Bay, having launched from Pocasset, Cape Cod, MA.   We hired a guy and his not-too-big skiff to take us chasing the Stripers.    This was sort of a Father’s Day present for the Hub;  he had a good time.   I tried to keep the camera level but it was quite windy.



Next week, the July 4th Photo Friday is to be TRADITIONS.  Share yours!



  1. CuriousC,

    Oh, now those are very special pics – just beautiful! I love boats on water shots anyway – but the light on the water & the ripples is just lovely. It makes an INCREDIBLE header for your blog too. (envy!)

    Ah, shucks. Thx! again, I LOVED that second ‘cold’ photo that you presented today. 🙂

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  3. Gorgeous! The water sure was choppy that day, but your photos turned out so well.

    Yes, it got a little ‘bumpy’ and chilly, and my Hub had way more fun than I did. I indulged him, he deserves it and though he wishes I shared the enthusiam for fishing, I don’t mind the time on the water…

  4. Looks like home to me. My son would be so jealous. He misses fishing for stripers so much he is getting really depressed. I miss him bringing home his catch every night. Stripers, mahi mahi, tuna, bluefish. Now I have to pay for fish.

    The sunset photos are beautiful. Sounds like you had a good day.

    We didn’t think to keep any until we didn’t catch any more! ha! How do you prepare the bluefish? I don’t care for it to eat…

  5. I love the sun setting on the water! Those boats look like skeletons. Do you know why their sails were not up? I am just curious.

    We were quite close to shore – these sailboats are moored and, thus lonely and forlorn.

  6. Great photos……even though the water is choppy, it looks very peaceful….sounds like you had a great time!

    I’m so glad I had my camera with me AND that I remembered this theme was coming up!

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  8. How very lovely these are. There is no water where I live (we are all reptiles, here 😉 ) and it’s nice to be reminded how beautiful is a sunset over the bay. You do the scene justice.

    I grew in Kansas – very landlocked state. I hope to get to the beach a LOT this summer. Thanks for your compliment.

  9. Ah I love that second one….seriously beautiful nature 🙂

    Yes, serious!

  10. The ocean is so serene, at dusk and dawn. Lovely shots!

    The sea is captivating – calming or terrifying, depending on its mood.

  11. I like these C…very nice! I think the first one is my favorite.

    I caught up on your posts, and I enjoyed all of them!

    I’m so glad Gypsy-Heart. I love your site, too and now I will go there – you are always a source of energy to me.

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