Alphabet of Gratefulness

June 26, 2008

I have a thing for the alphabet.  

I am grateful for:

A – Apples and Angels

B – Beauty in the world:  butterflies, buttercups, bluebirds

C – Cake, courtesy

D – DOGs

E – Elephants

F – Flowers

G – Giraffes and the flavor Ginger

H – my House

I – imagination

J – cranberry JUICE

K – kindness and Krispy Kreme donuts (and the fact that I don’t even think I can buy them around where I live, whew!)


M – my mother

N – nickels?

O – oranges

P – purple flowers

Q – the word queue (I think it is a cool word…)

R – Rachel

S – sprinkler systems

T – time for travel

U – understanding

V – the word VERY

W – whispers in the dark

X – ugh, I can only think of xylophone

Y – bright YELLOW colored…  FLOWERS

Z – my Zany Zazzler highlighter collection.


Gotta do this as fast as possible so you don’t think too hard!   Happy Thursday… “C”




  1. Great alphabet. Is this a meme? If not it should be. Lots of stuff for the letter B. and L, love Lobstah!!!

    Sure, make it meme. Consider yourself tagged.

  2. I loved this meme – it was fun to do – and yeah, Lobstah! When we going for some? Eh?

    PS: Are you sitting around and waiting for so you think you can dance, elimination show? i am. i love that show.

    EEK! You did this, too?! I missed this comment and missed your post. I’m off to go check it. Loved the puns, btw….

  3. PS: Really love the header, btw, is it new? I just noticed it – really pretty.

    Thanks Annie! I like to switch it up every so often…

  4. This is great! Its wonderful to remember all of the things (and letters) we are thankful for.

    Consider yourself tagged! and, I must say – I love the structure/theme of your blog. BRILLIANT. Your latest about advice to your bro – wonderful, heartbreaking. hugs to you and him.

  5. WONDERFUL AND I AM A hAPPY 17 year old 🙂

    SEVENTEEN! Happy Birthday! I’m a bit mad at myself for not getting to express this wish before you had to come over and remind me. shame on me. BUT I hope you were able to enjoy some cake and ice cream?! Geminis RULE!

  6. nickel’s, muah-ha-ha-ha! For “N” I’d have to go with “nap” your list is FABULOUS, and what can you say for “X” that’s a real toughie!

    Nap is an excellent N word. NUGGETs of gold would be another good choice for N…

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