Win Provided Six Words…

June 25, 2008

I could choose this Windows Internet Explorer Error as my Six Word Meme!  I get this error a lot.  But not consistently, so I’m not sure of any pattern…

“Out of memory at line: 1”

It’s six words! Can I use this?   ha…  



  1. LOL. I have an awful memory myself so this one cracked me up. Nice job, C!

    I seem to be thinking in six word increments and noticing them all around me. HELP!

  2. awww…good old reliable Microsoft, hahaha 😉

    PS teeni: I want you to wear a t-shirt that says that 😉

    Romi – Yea, and you can get a Tee that says “I Want RoboBOY” or similar…

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