Me in Six

June 25, 2008

Yippee!  I’ve been tagged for a meme.   Not just any meme – that extremely difficult SIX WORD meme that has been going around.    Thanks Annie aka Writer Chick (click here for her wonderful blog and her meme post.)

This one is difficult.   I’ve done it once already but it was awhile ago so I’m going to give my brain a chance to construct a new one, more relevant to this mid-2008 time in my life…    Here we go – by the way, I consider myself extremely well-skilled at brainstorming.   

Loving Life But Scared to Live

Why Must I Always Add ‘But…”   ?

Life is Grand, My Miniscule World

Caring and Committed, Courageous and Consistent  (the first line to an affirmation I wrote 10 years ago!)

Yea, But…  I Always Have Excuses

Easy Choice Generation, Difficult to Choose

Can’t Make It, Sure Can Spend!

Hanging Around, Enjoying Life, Waiting, Watching.

Lots To-Do, No Motivation to Start.   (I cheated and made “to do” one word?!)

All I do:  Blog, Read, Laundry  (not really, I could keep adding a ton more words.   Hey, maybe I do more than I think.   figures…)

Great Ideas!  So Why Not Jump?

Ah, I see a negative attitude pattern.   Looks to me like I need to challenge myself to think a little more positively, to dare to reach out and DO something.    SO.   That said, this post about to be published, I’m off to start my day.   I have to do a little dog maintenance, a little self-beauty maintenancy (you know, get presentable) and then visit the Rehab Hospital.   I also have to pick up dog food, take Oscar for a few hours of playing with his friends, and buy vitamins.    I also have my English-Improvement Tutoring late this afternoon which I’m enjoying quite a bit.     I suppose I should develop a few more hand outs for my Elderly Computer Training Course which is first thing Thursday and work up a questionaire for the dude who wants to hire me.  (ugh)     I also want to investigate Firefox more and actually attempt the download.    and, of course, I have blogs to visit, my other blog to post on/at, those blog buds to vist, and pay bills.    So let’s attempt a twist to that last Six Word Meme Result:

Great Ideas and I’m Jumping NOW.

XOXO,  CuriousC

“Far away there in the sunshine are more highest aspirations.   I may not reach them, but I can look up at them, see their beauty, believe in them and try to follow where they lead.”

-Louisa May Alcott



  1. Oooo – very nice! Cool to see your thought process along the way but the end result is very blog-appropriate to your blog. Love it! 🙂

    When I started to get going, I realized that I already had six words in my blog header! I could have just gone with that but I was on a roll…

  2. I love them all, but my favorite is:

    Yea, But… I Always Have Excuses

    Maybe because I can relate? Thanks for playing along.


    PS: What other blog????

  3. “Life is Grand, My Miniscule World” I like that one. It really applies to me though I liked them all. I just did this 6 word thing too.

    Sounds like you have a busy day ahead of you. I use Firefox because my SIL made me. But I like it now that I am used to it.

    OH good, thanks for the endorsement for FireFox. I LOVEd your 6 words!

  4. Wow impressive!

    Thx: Are you going to try it?! Here, I’ll help? “NO Time! Having Fun at CAMP.”

  5. Love your choices!

    I did this 6 word meme ages ago too – mine was:

    “I fly by my own wings!

    LOVE IT! keep flyin’…

  6. Wow, this is great. You’ve come up with several greats! I can relate to, “Can’t Make It, Sure Can Spend!”
    True. 😦

    Ah, perhaps we both need to hang out at some of the frugal tightwad blogs?!

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