June 24, 2008

I am very content to play and piddle with my wordpress.com blog and don’t go too much for all that fancy plug-in stuff.    I’m seeing quite a few blog-buddies ‘upgrade’;  I’m assuming to wordpress.org?  am I right?  and I’m curious as to why?   I thought the only reason was to include advertising?   I’m wrong, aren’t I?

I love the personalities of these bloggers (you know who you are) and I don’t mind having to sign in every time I leave a comment.  You are worth it to me.   

I suppose that might beg the question why I don’t have auto-form-fillers or some such and the answer to that is ‘I don’t know.’    I recently changed the security system on my PC and I can’t get the form filler to work even though everything tells me it is setup for it.    I have yet to punch numbers on the phone (do we still say ‘dial’?) to call support and see what’s up but I did notice that this security suite of products is only to be used with Microsoft IE.  

So, that puts off my decision to investigate FireFox.  

Am I in the dark ages?    Do I need to take a class in…   what, exactly?

Then, yesterday, I met a very nice man who requested some PC help through our library’s tutoring program.   He wanted an overview of WordPress which is why they asked if I could help him.  They know I am a bit enthusiastic about all this blogging nonsense so the match was made.

However, he has it all setup with wordpress.org and I haven’t a clue how to help him.     He really doesn’t want help – he wants to HIRE someone to do it.      Should I have him buy the WordPress for Dummies book for himself or make him buy it for me?    Would you recommend this book?     I’m afraid he might have to buy me a whole new upgraded all-the-bells-and-whistles latest COMPUTER, too.     Now, that  might make it appealing…   






  1. WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two entirely separate things. WordPress.org hosts the downloadable version of WordPress you can install on your personal server space. That’s why you can upgrade it. Us WordPress.com users are stuck doing whatever it might be that WordPress wants of us.

    I KNOW RON! it is VERY different. The first thing was the clue that I couldn’t sign in from the wordpress main page and then I wanted to change his theme but I didn’t have any choices! Then I was worried about downloading to my PC when his laptop wouldn’t even pull up IE – it was chaos. And… I don’t want a job. so now I don’t know what to do.

  2. Whenever I was a tutor, I got PAID.

    I found out the same thing about wordpress, just like Ron has said. I even has server space that I could use. I simply don’t because I do not want the job of “webmaster”. Been there, done that. I get so tied up in management, that I don’t have time to write.

    You might just consider being honest. Tell the guy his pc is so messed up that it needs to be reformatted, then give him the name of a company that fixes computers. “Need” is not a justification to demand free services from others.

    Ah, Sue Ann – I’m a professional volunteer! I don’t ‘get paid’ – unless you count ‘paychecks of the heart’… I’ve developing a plan, it’s OK. Thanks for stopping by – I so love your comments, your thoughts, your way of seeing things – so HONEST. love it, I do!!

  3. I don’t know what you should do but I’m wondering why you’re having to sign in every time you want to leave a comment? I get “un-signed in” every once in a while, but mostly it keeps me signed in. Do you really sign in for each comment you leave? What’s up with that?

    oh no, Wendy, when in regular WordPress, I don’t have to sign in for each comment – only the outside WP.com blogs… I think I have a flaw in my IE browser – I get errors ALL THE FREAKIN’ time with IE and not just within WP… That’s why I must explore firefox…

  4. Well, I’ve already voiced my opinion on this. But yeah, WordPress for Dummies is supposed to be a great book and worth the trouble. You shouldn’t have to sign in every time you come to my sight, the program should remember your IP address and put you right in on its own unless your computer is preventing if for some reason.

    and I THANK YOU! yes, you’ve gone above and beyond. but, I do seem to have to sign in EVERY time at your site. it’s my formfiller not working. I think I have some kind of auto cache clearing going on like every hour and I can’t find the setting…

  5. I work in a library full of computers at a small college and we occasionally get people coming in with half-baked ideas about what they’d like to with the internet. The half baked ideas are usually complemented by a lack of desire to put any time or thought into investigating what turns out to be quite a lot of work. Furthermore, this type of “work” to them just looks like hours of sitting at a computer “banging the keyboard” or whatever. Like Sue Ann’s comment, when these people end up matched to me, I tell them nicely that there are no shortcuts to learning about these things. The internet is vast and cannot be encompassed in a single ‘download’. It’s really funny how we can minimize what we don’t understand.

    I’ve heard that most of the For Dummies books are pretty good.

    As for trying Firefox, I totally recommend doing that. It’s a no brainer to download and install it, and using another browser will be educational. The only tricky part is to say no when Firefox volunteers to become your default browser. Say no to that until you decide whether you like it or not. It also offers to import all your IE Favorites and stuff so do that. If you don’t like Firefox you can easily uninstall it. Download and install the latest- version 3. It’s a great web browser. Or are you forbidden to do so on your work computer?

    THANKS DAVID! Great advice – I’m on it. will attempt soon. No, I’m at home, unless you count the frowns I get from Hub when I ‘screw up the PC’ – so, yes, I do have a little fear about downloading ANYTHING whether it’s my fault or the stupid stuff that happens…

  6. “Should I have him buy the WordPress for Dummies book for himself or make him buy it for me?”

    How about both. 🙂

    EXCELLENT IDEA! oh yes! thank you.

  7. I like using FireFox. There’s not much to it. I hope it’s compatible with your security stuff so that you can try it out. 🙂

    I actually remember that about you, heehee. I still don’t know when I’m going to try it. I always seem to think I need a block of time scheduled, and I keep pissing away my days…

  8. You have many of the same questions I do. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I can’t for the life of me think why I should have a self-hosted blog, when I get everything I want for free right at WP . com! I just want to write my stuff, and there are lots of free themes, and I don’t even need a customizable header (although yours is so lovely I might change my mind). Thanks for the supporting us free people! 😉

    Yes, I have more problems with my own PC than I do WP; I’m not ready to self-host. My hats are off to those who do! but I don’t wanna… at least, not right now.

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