My Pup in Pictures

June 23, 2008

I chased the dog around the yard the other day with a camera.    Enjoy.

 Oscar de la Hunta

 Oscar is a 3 year old Griff.   I don’t think I realized what setting my camera is on.   Apparently, it was not the AUTO setting;  these all look a bit grainy.

 Oscar!  Look at me!  (notice cairn in background)

  “Griff” is short for WireHaired Pointing Griffon.   We had never heard of it, either.   This breed was recommended to us by one of those online “Find which breed is perfect for your family” surveys.   I think it was AnimalPlanet.com.

  The newer Cairn.

  Oscar and my feet (pre-pedicure.)

 The iris.

  For Moonbeam.



  1. Oscar is adorable! Milo sends him his love!

    Have you ever done a cheezburger pic of him using their free LOL builder? It’s great fun and you’ll find it at:


    Thanks! Milo is adorable, too. He still has that wide-eyed kitten look, doesn’t he! They grow so fast.

  2. What great pictures! Oscar is very handsome. I took a lot of pictures yesterday and most have that grainy look too. I wish I knew what caused it. ISO? It was an overcast day.

    Oh good – I can blame picture quality on the weather?! hee hee. I love all your flower pics…

  3. Oscar is adorable and your iris are very pretty! It looks like you have a good sized area for Oscar to run around. I’m so happy for him. And happy that you got to spend some quality time with him. Days like that are always good for the soul. **happy sigh** 🙂

    Hi Teeni, we have a good size yard – with an electric fence. Oscar and I do a lot of stuff together.

  4. He is quite a handsome fellow!

    I did one of those tests to match a dog to our family. The Canaan dog was number one. I ended up adopting Ringo from the safe animal shelter (he’s cattle dog and unknown). I may eventually get a Canaan.

    Do you think your match up was correct? He sure looks content!

    oh yes! I am SO smitten with this breed! My little OscarPup is my baby and he’s a Mama’sBoy, thru and thru. I can’t say enough good things abt my Oscar; he’s so terrific that I worry that another dog will never be same so we stay a one-dog house. For now… (Hub wants another one.)

    Your iris is beautiful too! THX!

  5. What a unique looking dog Oscar is! Love the iris pix and the new cairn too! Nice job. My wife tells me that it’s the cat that’s been knocking down my “mini-cairn” (which I have not photographed yet).

    Nice feet too! 😀

    Guess what!? The cairn has toppled (or been vandalized – I have yet to really check it out, but what a bummer. It lasted a few weeks anyway. I think my vandal was a neighborhood kid but could be the cats, too, I suppose.)

  6. Aw C,
    What a cute and goofy looking doggie. I love his name and your feet look damn good without a pedicure.

    Thanks Annie! He is different looking – a real sweetie. I love how unique he is.

  7. Oscar looks quite content; if I didn’t know any better, I would guess he’s the boss. 🙂
    I would love to have a dog again, but my Oscar wouldn’t stand for it.
    Have a great day!

    hee hee – Oscar the Boss? No, he’s a good boy. I need to introduce him to a cat that won’t run away (He’s chased quite a few up the tree!)

  8. What a cutie!

  9. heehee. i’m a dog-lover so i like people who are the same. i like big dogs (oscar-sized is ok) but i can’t have a dog in tokyo; we don’t have any space! thanks for sharing!

    I like the big hug-able dogs, too. How sad you can’t have a pup there. Thank you for stopping by. Oscar is my favorite photo subject. and flowers…

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