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Summer Solstice

June 21, 2008

Did you frolic naked in the dew of the Summer Solstice?   (If your lawn still has some morning dew – go get out there!)

I only kicked off my slippers and wandered around my front yard this morning as the Hub hooked up the boat and got ready to go chase a few largemouth bass.    So my feet should be soft and lovely.   (I have a pedicure scheduled anyway.)

(Read Author’s awesome post about Summer Solstice here.)

On other notes…   I have over 350 posts to read in my Google Reader Feed.   ugh.   I’ll try to get through them today!   Most are book reviews so they go quite fast – read the post title, don’t care, click off, next!  

I so love weekends with ZERO plans!    Of course, I still have laundry, grocery-shopping, dog food prep (I package my pup’s meals into individual containers – a story for some-day-not-today.)   

Hopefully some movies will get watched (my Netflix in-house movies are Stardust, The Kingdom and Elizabeth II) and I’m sure I’ll be able to read some of my book.    So nice…

Have a great day!   Blog at ya later, C