Photo Friday: Midsummer Night’s… Dreams?

June 20, 2008


Follow this link to see more and read all about how you can, too, participate in this fun activity.

It’s FRIDAY!  So, I give you a PHOTO.   The theme is Midsummer Night’s Dream.

  This is my attempt from the other night to take a shot of the Strawberry Moon.   I am almost embarrassed to display it.

Let me, instead, present this next one.   I was standing on my front stoop and thought the light from my lamp at the end of the driveway cast an eery glow to the circle surrounding.    The resulting image was very dark, but I cropped it down, changed the brightness and the contrast using Microsoft’s Office Picture Manager, and compressed it for webpage display.   You’ll just have to imagine any faeries dancing, I don’t have Photoshop.     The photo that follows is the original. 



Have a fabulous Friday everyone! 


Oh, and apparently, today is Take Your Dog To Work Day.    Be sure to play the song!   But since, I don’t have a job (not TODAY), I took the dog to his Day Care so he could play with his friends.   He has a very good life.  



  1. Good job fixing up that photo. On my old dead computer I had lots of photo programs and used to fool around a lot with them but my wasband has nothing, nada, nil. I need to get something on here. It’s so much fun to play with photos.

    I would have thought that was the moon rising in your reworked photo.

    Thanks Joan! I suppose it would be a bit self-serving, but you could always buy some software for the wasband, huh?

  2. You always make me smile – thank you!

    I love your cheeky little strawberry moon (I love strawberries too)!

    Re the dog going to his Day Care so he could play with his friends – is that where the idiom “It’s a dog’s life” meaning “It’s an easy life” comes from?

    Oh yes, probably! Oscar is spoiled but is a very good dog – he deserves it.

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  4. Those are neat captures you got there! I love what you did with the photo and I could easily imagine faeries dancing around the light pole! Hmm – I need to research strawberry moons more.

    The weather gal only said that the June Moon is a Strawberry Moon because strawberries are ripe about this time. I’m sure there has to be more to it. or not. It does seem to have a pink glow to it.

  5. For some reason all the full moons have names. You saved me from having to look this one up! Beautiful photos. I thought your lamp WAS the moon when I first glanced at it. I can well imagine the faeries. I’m a big fan of the moon. I’m glad I stopped by.

    Hello, welcome. I am going to go lookup all the moon names, I didn’t know they all have names but it doesn’t surprise me either.

  6. This turned out cool. The second picture is sorta creepy, looks like a cross in the picture (could be a mailbox?) but very creepy and cool!

    Oh, I saw the bring your pet to work song. I wanted to bring my baby to work so badly but knew it would NEVER be allowed. My co-worker and I decided to bring a stuffed animal replica (I have one) and some tootsie rolls. We were going to drop tootsie rolls all over the office floor to give the whole thing a more “real” feel. 😉 Good times!

    OH JQ! too funny! It’s just not right that your job isn’t allowing participation in this fine program. The tootsie rolls idea = BRILLIANT! I’ve never seen a stuffed animal version of my dog’s breed – he’s too rare. I would love to have a statue cast of him, though. When he sits and stares out into the neighborhood, he looks like a statue…

  7. These are beautiful photos! I’m surprized you were able to get such wonderful shots without special equipment; most of the shots we see of the moon is taken with special equipment. I see the fairies dancing all around – Great midsummer experience. Thanks for sharing!

    As long as I can encourage that imagination of the dancing fairies, I am pleased with my art!

  8. Very creepy!

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