Photo Friday the 13th: Unlucky?

June 13, 2008

  A study in contrasts, a dilemma of superstition.   Click to the end if you prefer not to read the narrative.   Consider yourself warned…

Today’s theme for Photo Friday is UNLUCKY, chosen by the originator of this very fun and creative activity, AUTHOR, over at A Curious State of Affairs.

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WHAT?!  to me is unlucky?    Do I even believe in luck?    or do I believe in serendipity?   (one of my favorite words – fun to say and it has a fun meaning.)   If you follow that link, ‘luck’ is part of the definition.   Or maybe, I just like what luck rhymes with.   Funny how lucky only really rhymes with ducky, isn’t it?   or yucky;  kooky and wookie don’t rhyme.   Oh.   sorry, got off track there a bit.

I can imagine you scratching your head.    

Um, “C”?   This is supposed to be a PHOTO POST. 

Oh yea.   I’m getting to it, really.

Here’s the setup.   I am running late for my pet therapy appointment at the Brain Injury place, right?   It’s POURING.    Raining hard.      REALLY  raining hard.   

I back out of the drive and my vehicle is FREAKING.   It’s beeping and lights are flashing and I sense, hey, my car is trying to tell my something.   

I throw it into park and study the display thingy and attempt to discern what the little lighted pictures on the dashboard mean.   

With me so far?   It’s raining.   Did I mention that?   It’s relevant.

I have a flat tire.    I have 36 psi, 36 psi, 36, psi, 11 psi.     The display thingy doesn’t say WHICH tire so I get out into the rain and walk around the car.

I can’t tell.

I can not tell which tire is flat.    I suspect it’s one of the rear tires, only because it was the last one listed on the Tire Pressure Display.

I get back in the car and dial the phone number to the Brain Injury Rehab Institute to let them know I won’t be there at my scheduled time.   (oh no, I don’t have a brain injury although you might be wondering – I take my dog to visit the very nice patients there.)

I drive back into my driveway, park and go back into the house.    I actually open ice cream and serve myself a dish and check this blog for comments.  

But then,  I start wondering.   WWKKD?     What would Kasey Kahne do?    Besides call his crew chief, I mean.   He would do a BETTER investigative job to figure out which friggin’ tire was flat!   So, I go back out into the rain but this time, I am more prepared.   I have a rain coat on and I’m utilizing that cool tool called an umbrella.   By the way, I think that song by Rhianna is stupid.   Umbrella-Umbrell, Umbrell, Um Um.   WTF!?  OR is it the other way?  Umbrella Brella Brella Luh Uh Uh.  Whatever.

It’s really raining.

I feel around the tires.   Try squishing to see if they are soft.    I get my ear close to listen for a hissing.   Nothing.

I go back in and continue to eat my ice cream.    I realize I seek food as comfort.    I hold back on calling the husband.   He isn’t going to do anything but sigh with disappointment anyway.   How is that helpful?

Then.   ALL OF A SUDDEN!    I think about the very nice place I buy gas.   Full-service.   [Remind me sometime to tell you about the first time I attempted to pump gas the day we moved to Massachusetts.   Or have I already?]

I google for my favorite gas station and call them.    Can they fix and/or find out which tire is flat if I come by?   YES!!!!    Hallelujah.

Have I lost you yet?   This is boring you, isn’t it.

Long story shorter:     Fabian finds this in my tire:    Sorry it’s blurry.    [later, I got the book out to learn more about super focus macros and attempted this shot of this wavy weird piece of metal: 

Compared to a banana? 

And it looks really old!   Like it was pounded, forged, whatever by hand!    Not machine made, anyway.

Fabian is able to patch the tire and it’s held one week now with no loss in psi.   FOR FREE!   no money!!    and yes, Fabian is kinda cute, too.

The point of all this blahblahblah is to ask:  was I UNLUCKY to have run over this crazy piece of tire puncturing annoyance and have it ruin my day, disrupt my plans, IN THE RAIN?   – or –   was I LUCKY to have been AT home when this catastrophe occurred, and close to my now favorite tire repair station where I made a new friend named Fabian?   and have a story to share, in pictures, for this week’s Photo Friday?

The vote is yours.

Now, for some “ART”  of my tire!   





  1. Hilarious! I was glued to every word! LOL!

    And the tyre art is fun too!

    I love that you take your dog to visit folk with brain injuries – I’m sure they love to see him/her. Pets are very comforting to people – they are said to relieve stress.

    When my dear old grandad (99 3/4)sees a dog his whole face lights up. So when I take him out in his wheelchair we stroke every dog we pass! As a consequence, it takes ages to get anywhere. Not that we’re in a rush.

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  3. Great story, have to agree with you about the umbrella brella, rella, uh, uh, song… stupid.

    Glad you were home when this happened. Ice Cream and a flat tire, can’t go wrong.

    What is that thing that was in your tire?

  4. I say you were lucky. What a pain in the butt if it had happened while you were driving. It could have even caused an accident so definitely lucky. It’s always better to look at the positive side of anything anyway. I was never bored with this post or confused (which happens easily). It was a great post. I like the tire photo too. Didn’t know a tire could look so cool.

  5. totally lucky! i had the same problem and only realized that i had a leak when it was snowing…and kevin heard a hiss…then went to a place where the really fuzzy headed person fixed it! love the tire repair men!

  6. Oooh. Is it half full or half empty? LOL. Anytime you get to make a new friend (especially one named Fabian), I’d say it was lucky! 🙂

  7. The constant struggle of looking on the bright side or the dark side, C. Yes you were unlucky to have this evil piece of chaff crawl into your tire and yes you were lucky it happened at home and the cute mechanic guy fixed it for free. Maybe life just has a compulsion to even things out sometimes?

  8. Thanks for the laughter. I must say, the word that I thought of that rhymed with luck was not one you mentioned; I’m glad you shyed away from that one on this post – I would have been on the floor laughing. You sound like me; not being able to figure out the tire and all – anywho . . .anytime fate brings us to meeting someone name Fabian, it has to be luck! Peace, Light, Love and Luck! to you and yours. . . CordieB.

  9. This Fabian seems to be an honest person. I had similar instances in the past, but the guy at the auto shop refused to patch the tire each time.

    I believe you were lucky. You could have gotten hurt.

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