Follow Up and Then Some

June 12, 2008

First.    Hmmmm, I don’t know what to address first…   I want to respond to a few of the comments to a few of my latest posts.   

Ah, let’s address the question of Wilhelmina.    A few of you will remember Wilhelmina, yes?    I had posted about her, oh back in February?   And then zipped off to Costa Rica, got obsessed with my tan, flew to AZ, Palm Springs, involved with a wedding, and of course, my favorite time filler:  blogging, and.   well…   Wilhelmina has ended up like this:


So, sndra of no link, I can’t show you ‘how it turned out’.   I have only the heart I glued on and maybe, not sure the pencil marks will show up in the photo, but I drew on her to get an idea of how to map out my idea.    I have collected a few more items that are concave and convex to attempt a ‘fit’ with her curves, and that’s about it.   Guess this calls me a procrastinator.   Have I ever told you about the Christmas stockings I was cross-stitching for me and Hub?   I got one done a couple of years ago.   The other is still only a half way stitched design and I started these is 1990.     I have dresses cut with their patterns still pinned waiting for me to just sew up that were begun in 1993.    Which means that the cross-stitched stuff has been stored in SEVEN houses, and the sewing project has been following through my last FOUR houses.   Did you all know that I move a lot?    Yep, I am living in my 7th house.   in under 20 years.    It was a much worse average before the last 3 houses but the 6th house was lived in only 4 months so maybe not?   whatever.

My messy craft room, Wilhie up close:

      I glued the ♥ a little too high…

Second, on my artichoke post, JavaQueen mentions that she saw artichokes in the store and wondered how to cook.    Honestly, my first thought is RUN TO GOOGLE and look it up?!     What I really did was actually open up the WordPress search and entered How to Cook Artichoke and found some good resources.    Whenever anyone asks me “How Did you Know…”, I can usually always answer, “I GOOGLED IT!”    Ok, somebody tell me what you call a word that has been watered down to mean the universal non-specific noun/verb and not the brand?  ie, Xerox, kleenex, etc?   ‘Google’ is becoming such a word, don’t ya agree?   (crap, they are going to come look for me now and demand a nickel.)

and Lastly and or Thirdly, my rant about commenting in the first half of the artichoke Wednesday post, was in no way to admonish any of YOU to leave me a comment (or I won’t visit you.?!  ha)   That is SO not the case!    I was only expressing a slight dissatisfaction with a particular activity on my other blog that is supposed to inspire community (duh, comment-leaving) where I felt I did MY  duty to the others and got no love in return.   It would be similar to my Photo Fridays if I always posted, commented on the other participants’ photos and NONE – ie, NO ONE, in the 6-7 weeks of ‘sharing’ – EVER came by to say hi.     And I can only assume it’s due to the variety and thus ‘chore’ of commenting on so many types of blog platforms.     (oh, PFers!  I love our sense of community but I know it’s not always possible to visit everyone each and every week, especially when we start getting hundreds involved, right?   good.   AND, btw, the theme tomorrow, FRIDAY the 13th, is UNLUCKY.)

Please, comment when you want to, don’t when you don’t.   Really, it’s OK.   I’m a big girl and I will get over it, and move on.    LOVE YA!    

OH, you didn’t think I was done, did you?!    I just HAVE TO SHARE THIS!   I planted zucchini!    Last FRIDAY!  and now yesterday they are not just babies, they are toddlers!!


  Yes, I know, I KNOW I planted too many.  I’ll thin the grouping down to one eventually, which is sad, maybe I’ll transport some instead.




  1. i am so so so jealous that you have a “craft room” way back when i used to have one…now its dwindled to a craft crate, that sits in the storage downstairs.

    Hey! this is another for your 100 things that have changed! I’m sorry you have no craft room. It is truly one of my many blessings and I love that I have one even if it’s mostly storage anymore.

  2. I wish I had a giant vegetable garden. Maybe next year. I do have four tomato plants in containers and my herbs. The tomato plants are growing so fast it’s weird.

    I love to see that people have left comments for me. I’m a comment junkie. I do try to leave everyone as many comments as I can. My family thinks I spend way to much time blogging but too bad. They get their supper and what I do on my own time is my own business. They just sit watching the boob tube. I see watching the computer. Same difference.

    You are the BEST commentor! Thank you. and I love that you blog. 🙂 It is so fun, isn’t it. The TV watching however, can be done with other people even tho it’s also little interaction.

  3. Hey C!
    I understand what you mean about the no love – sometimes it just happens. What’s a blogger to do? Actually, I have no idea.

    As to those zuchinis – yeah thinning will be necessary. I too, planted way too many and have pulled 6 of them already – still they are threatening to take over the front yard. And of course there is the giant mystery squashes that are growing all over the place. Nothing like doing things in excess, eh?


    What’s a blogger to do? Keep bloggin’ away, I guess! If I don’t comment much on your new ‘big’ blog, it’s just that I get confused there just WHERE?! is that “post-Comment-Here” button? I’ll try harder. Great Joe video, btw.

  4. Like Joan, I love to see that I’ve received comments, but I tend to leave lots of them too. And when I remember, I come back to see if the person has responded to my comments. I don’t usually subscribe to comments though because I figure I’m gonna be coming back anyway and I’ll check then. LOL. But I totally understand about your rant. I do try to be grown up about stuff but it’s hard and I don’t always succeed. But none of us are perfect, so I’ll just admit it and get on with it. 🙂

    You are one of those amazing bloggers who is able to make connections so easily and keep it light and fun. Thank you.

  5. Nice to see Wilhelmina again. I was wondering what had become of her. I don’t think that she’d be too happy to see her crotch shot on the internet. Sheesh!

    When I first started to blog, I left myself comments. And then I responded to my own comments. Maybe you remember that. I called it “autocommentarianism”. It was kinda funny at first. It’s really nice to have comments and so incredible how they can come from all over the world, but it sounds like you might be taking it a little too personally C. Like that photo of Wilhelmina with the heart glued on a little too high. What a great symbol. Writing posts should be fun in and of itself. If readers are motivated to comment, that’s just frosting. IMHO.

    Your little zucchini spot could probably handle 2 finalists. It is kinda sad to have to cull plants out like that, but the same thing happens to us with the Big Gardener Dude, right?

    HI David! I was wondering if anyone would notice (AND comment) on the angle of that Wilhie shot! It was not intentional and I will try to give her a bit of modesty next time.
    If comments are frosting, yours have the little swirls and color sprinkles! Thank you.
    The Big Gardener Dude and I having fun this year. He doesn’t talk much (to me directly anyway) but I like his work very much. I’ll keep it to two then – I was able to transplant a few to my neighbor’s and have been babying them, too so it’s not just one zuc spot that I’m tending. Zuc relish for all!

  6. Oh I just love the heart on Wilhelmina. What a wonderfully funny post C! You made me smile a lot!

    I so understand about your little zucchini plants..such precious little things they are! I usually try to transplant too!

    Thanks for sharing your world with us!

    Thank YOU GypsyHeart! To continue in my honest revelations here, I think of YOU as one of my readers I am accountable to in my Wilhelmina ART project. I’ll be sure and give you some heads up when I have my next update. Soon, with progress made. eek!

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