June 9, 2008

  Nope, I’m not referring to the football team, or any baseball teams nor any sports teams whatsoever.   I’m talking about people born on the 9th of any month.   Happy Birthday to y’all Geminis born today!   aka Joan Harvest…

According to Wikipedia, ‘niner’ is the official pronunciation of the digit nine in the NATO phonetic alphabet.   Huh?   Then again, in New England, you might hear ‘ninah’.  

It is also a term used to describe Star Trek fans.   I enjoy watching Star Trek, have seen all the movies, have NOT seen all the TV episodes and am NOT one to buy the DVD sets.    I’ve not attended any conventions but it is on my 1000 list of things to do maybe someday.   It’s really difficult to think up 1000 things for such a list, even 100 can be tough, so I don’t really have one written down.   But going to such a convention to see all the nutty Niners sounds like a fun thing to do.     Has anyone seen the Star Trek episode with the baseball reference “Take Me Out to the Holosuite”?   I have not.  

Wikipedia also says niner is a derogatory term that presumably upperclassman used to refer to  ninth graders.    But since I went to a Junior High where ninth graders ruled, I don’t recall this term.   However, in my high school, sophomores were called SPOOES and it wasn’t very nice.     Please realize this was before the urban dictionary was around; pre-internet access to the masses, so to say.    Our H.S. was new, the colors were blue & yellow and when the sophomores of the very first year set out to show some class spirit at the first assembly, only the BLUE letters were visible and the yellow ones were just too light be be read on a white banner.   SO what you could read was every other letter:  H  O  M  O  R  E  !!    [ooo!  this worked good!] And thus, a tradition was born.  Ah, the memories….    We even started an adopt-a-spooe program for seniors to be mentors to a sophomore.   I wonder if they still call it that?   I wonder if I’m missing my 25th reunion this year.   Haven’t heard anything…

I always seem to remember other people’s birthdays when they fall on the ninth of any month.   Like, I’m pretty sure that Romi is a niner but I don’t recall when exactly.   I have a friend who used to be really good friend but weirded out on me and we are now ‘estranged’ (She’s especially strange, probably I am, too) who has a 9th birthday.     I still send her a card.      A lady who was a wizard house cleaner in KC shares my birthday and can’t figure out why I still remember her with a card.    Love it!

I send cards to people and they are JUST AMAZED in wonder that I remember this stuff!    My system?  I write it down.   I have a book that is NON-YEAR specific, like a journal and I try to write everyone’s birthday I ever meet in it.    I have been known to get it really wrong, like Jane, who is written down as July but it should be in the December section.    She usually ends up getting 2 cards because now I don’t recall with CERTAINTY which is correct.    But the last couple of years, I must admit,  I forget to stay on top of it and can send a lot of belateds or just decide to skip so I really am not a true-disciple on this issue like I wish I was.   I really think that people don’t care – or don’t want anyone to know they care! – about birthdays.    Unless they are Geminis and they will tell you how many shopping days you have left.  


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY TO JOAN and all the other Geminis!!




  1. Thats too cool! i am a niner, november! and now its down to five months as a twenty something…

  2. Happy Birthday to all of you! I can barely remember my own birthday and have to keep a running word document for my familys’ so I won’t forget.

  3. Niner in the NATO phonetic alpahbet was used to ensure that nine (in German meaning “no”) was not confused with the numeric nine. Fun stuff.

  4. Happy birthday all! Well not yet Curious C but, in about 15 days mine is 😛

  5. Thank you for the Birthday Wishes. I had a wonderful birthday and have posted pictures. Not only was I born on the ninth I was born in 1949. Lot of nines here.

    I loved the whole thing about SPOOE. That is too funny.

    I loved Star Trek, though I would never have gone to a convention. Star Wars then replaced Star Trek.

  6. This is sweet! Very nice of you to do that! I started a “American Greetings” calendar this year and LOVE it! They send me reminders – And Happy Joan and to all the niners! Great post C!

  7. Fritz! YIPPEE! another one for me to remember.

    Teeni – does your hub conveniently forget, too, and rely on YOU to remember his family bdays? mine, too. Of course, my passion for this task makes it OK but he forgets his own mother!

    Mark/tobeme- thank you. I meant to chase that link into the rabbit hole but forgot to go back and learn more. THANK YOU for clarifying this and how very interesting.

    OK Kaylee – I’m keeping track… ~14 days to Kaylee’s bday, everyone! the 24th?

    Joan, I sent you an e/m, too. 🙂

    JQ – I had an online reminder system but got annoyed with how often they send em! I know, too strange. I have an addiction or am too old-fashioned so I keep up with the tracking book and my paper cards.

  8. I keep a birthday dates book too – and then sometimes forget to look in it! 😦

    Happy Birthday niners!

    Jan, mine is a delightful old-fashioned illustrated one, reminds me of children’s book. I have never seen any of this type of book in the stores – besides the one I own, but that’s probably because I’ve not been paying attention. It’s really pretty and a great idea.

  9. Wow i love that you have a calender, I wish i was organized. I used to use http://www.birthdayalarm.com/ but then i would forget to insert others birthdays… this has inspired me to get on that! Happy birthday Geminis.

  10. Hello!! I wish i was this organized! I wish i were with a cool calender, my grandmother has had one on the back of her wall for years! I used to use http://www.birthdayalarm.com/ but then i would forget to put new birthdays in! This has inspired me to get on top of that!! Happy Birthday Geminis!

  11. Happy Birthday!!! You are very cool to remember people’s birthdays. You’re cool anyway, but the birthday thing is really icing on the cake. teehee 🙂

  12. A AM a niner! April 9th…how did you remember?!?!!

    And you’re right, we’re a little more special than the rest 😉

  13. oh no the 26th i obviously cant count lol 😉

    OK, then! on the 26th, I will be wishing you a Happiest of Birthdays Ever! – “C”

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