Photo Friday: Triptychs

June 6, 2008

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When I discovered the theme for this week’s Photo Friday, I knew exactly what I needed to do:  prepare a triptych of the pachysandra ground cover I just planted.   My MIL doesn’t know what pachysandra is and it’s one of my favorite green ground covers here in New England.  I was telling her that I ripped out some hard-to-mow grass to plant more than a few of these bad boys and she expressed her inability to recall what this plant looks like.    SO…   I knew that when this theme rolled around, I would prepare three photos in such a way to make ‘art’ and then print it off and mail to her.





and then, while strolling through my online photo file gallery, I was struck by this collection of ocean shots of Chatham Massachusetts taken on Memorial Day.    


Not bad, huh?  I LOVE it!  


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  1. Not bad, huh? NOT BAD AT ALL! Love the ocean picture!

    Thx JQ! I really enjoy Photo Fridays… you should join us!? Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

  2. I love both these triptychs – the first is gorgeous and the sea scene breathtaking.

    The sea scene would look really good as three frameless prints displayed on a wall – placed in the appropriate positions. I bet many modern homes would love to display them. What do you think? AND you got the horizon straight – that’s impressive!!!

    Yes! level horizons ARE nice. I think this new camera is easier to balance? that little square in the view finder helps a lot, too.

  3. […] Idea Jump! […]

  4. Good ideas and photos for photo Friday. Of course, I am biased toward the Cape pics.
    We planted pachysandra many years ago on the left side of our driveway now it is all over the yard. It is very prolific. But then I am not a gardener and just let it grow wild for 20 years. Now the wasband is trying to get it under control. Good Luck to him.


  5. Joan, that’s exactly what I hope this pachysandra does – go wild! (Like me. ha!) I was told that my mint would go crazy, too, but it’s been slow to get it’s groove on. I’ve never lived anywhere longer than 5 years – who knows if I’ll be around to see what I am trying to create here.

  6. Love your pachysandra, it looks very happy. And cool photos of Chatham!

    Homesick for the Cape? I thought of you when I was in AZ – just icuz it was hot and it was a desert. I know you were a long way off but still in similar climes.

    Doesn’t pachysandra sound funny? Reminds me of elephants…

  7. These are very beautiful. And they are wall worthy for sure. I would have these framed and placed on a wall – they are nice!

    Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    Wall worthy! thanks!

  8. Those are beautiful shots of the ocean! I like how the shoreline frames it out and the triangular formation of the clouds. It’s very symmetrical and soothing.

    I know!! I was instantly struck by the symmetry! Were you aware that this is also the photo at the top of the blog?

  9. OK, I’m convinced. I will frame the ocean shots and hang in my ‘sea’ room. Thank you ALL!

  10. Thanks for shouting out about my birthday. I accept presents free of charge. 🙂

  11. The ocean shots are….


    I love the plants too, but there is something special about that ocean shot.

  12. Wow C, loving that ocean grouping. Poifect.

  13. I ♥ your triptychs too!

  14. Another delightful entry. Lovely.

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