Back And Forth

June 4, 2008

I go back and forth on this blogging adventure.    Some days, I’m all giddy with joy and enjoy the heck out of it all and then other days, I couldn’t care less.     I wonder what the heck I’m doing.

But, then, I log on and see some really nice people leaving comments on my little ol’ blog and I realize I need to ‘get over myself already’.

It’s very easy for me to take up residence inside my own head and realize that I am the center of the universe.   It’s not that I control everything or that without me, the earth would spin off it’s axis or anything.   It’s just that I forget – I FORGET!! – that other stuff with other people is going on ‘out there’!

Truly unbelievable, it is.   I shake my head…

I have an awesome incredible life and I know it.    I feel guilty about it sometimes.    Then I get scared that I am about to have an anvil drop on my head if you believe in karmic balance.   I shudder when thinking about that quote that “God only gives you stuff you can handle” and wonder that he doesn’t trust me with much.    Which, come to think of it, is EXACTLY, how my parents treated me.     Hmmmm.

But then, I think ‘hogwash’!   If the Law of Attraction just is  (laws just ‘are’) and not something you have to believe in, how can I mess with it?     SO, I’m back to my peppy positive (self-absorbed) ways and off I go.    whistling.   playing in my garden, reading my books, walking the dog, folding laundry, etc.     

I’m so bad at my self-absorbed ways that at parties, I forget to volunteer to help the dishes or check if the hostess needs any help.   I just don’t REALIZE it!    When someone complains that they hate to have the family get-togethers or host the company picnics cuz NO ONE ever bothers to offer any assistance, I shrink back into a shell.  Ah, THAT would be me?!

Which is why I’m rather excited that I’ve been assigned to help with a friend’s party to celebrate her son’s high school graduation.    I am to pick up the balloons and place said balloons and now she wants to know if I “could be a doll and pick up the cake, too?”    YES!   I would be honored!     I’m really happy to be able to do something.    

SO, let that be a lesson to all of you that complain about people who don’t help out – ASSIGN THEM A TASK!     Just ask.    Sometimes, those freeloaders weren’t raised in a ‘get in here and clean up you ungrateful blankety blank.’   and so just never learned how to be aware of stuff to do!   (another, that’s ME.   I was N E V E R  in the kitchen cleaning up after family dinners – I ran and hid because I never did it right and I’m extremely self-conscious about it, truthfully.   I know, I’m a tad weird.)     Accept those offers of ‘is there anything I can do?’ with a hearty YES!     

How did this topic get away from me?   I really meant to do that music meme from Red.     Huh.   That’s odd.    That I went off on all that above rather than getting to the meme.   

Y’all know that I’m musically unaware, too, right?  [I don’t know ANY of Red’s songs listed.]  I love the silence, love the noises of nature.    Never have the TV on when I’m home alone and forget that I could play music.    I do love music when in the car driving around, but, not in my house.     Hub thinks it strange that I don’t watch TV when home alone but it’s good and it keeps him from succumbing to that thought of the wife home not working sitting on the sofa eating bon bons watching Oprah.

I am still addicted to that song Mercy by Duffy:   SEE POST HERE.     I was at the garden center a few days ago and the car next to me was running, the driver digging through her purse.    Duffy was singing and I exploded with “What radio station is that!??!”     104.5 The Mix.   I hurriedly got in my car, started up and had to tune to that station, ha!  and enjoyed the beat all the way home…

OK, I’m done now.  

Have a great day!!! 




  1. “It’s very easy for me to take up residence inside my own head and realize that I am the center of the universe. It’s not that I control everything or that without me, the earth would spin off it’s axis or anything. It’s just that I forget – I FORGET!! – that other stuff with other people is going on ‘out there’!”

    This is so me. *grin* It’s not that I’m the center of THE world, but I tend to be the center of MY world, and that can cause enough problems as it is. Thanks for all of your support by the way.

    You’re wonderful, thank you.

    Aw shucks, thank YOU. You’re doing great.

  2. Wow – you must be like my twin or something. I never turn the television on when I’m alone in the house, I’m totally musically unaware. I just know when I hear something I like – which is weird because I have an uncanny talent for Name That Tune – I used to be able to do it in three notes or less all the time. But now I don’t listen to so much because I like to listen to my faves over and over and don’t get to know newer songs as well. LOL. Ah well. There could be worse things. 🙂

    Long lost twin sister!??! How FUN would that be!

  3. I thought I was the center of the universe. Damn, what a letdown to find out I’m not. Well, I’m still the center of the universe in my head I just won’t tell people about it.

    There are perks about being a cripple. You NEVER have to help clean up and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

    I used to watch TV all day when I first retired but made a vow to stop that about 5 or 6 months ago. I do listen to music a lot but not always. Now I am just listening to the rain.

    You ARE the center of the universe! IT’s a gemini thing, I’m sure of it.

    Never heard of Duffy but I will check it out. It’s still classic rock for me. I did Red’s meme.

  4. You might be the center of the universe; but self-absorbed you are NOT. Anyone who volunteers to teach GED classes can not be self-absorbed. It takes a lot of giving of self to teach; In my opinion, it also takes a whole lot of patience to teach those who are learning basic skills. Also, your gardening talents are such that you love giving back to nature and God’s beauty; such is not found in the hard core self-absorbed. I don’t voluteer for the after party clean-ups that often simply because I don’t like piddling around with other people’s stuff, and usually I’m a bit tipsy (I cant work under the influence); Besides the conversations that go on in the kitchen after the party are usually too snooty and gossipy for my blood. I prefer to clean my own messes after my partys, rather than have tipsy people putting stuff in my cupboards that I don’t find until the following spring cleaning adventure!
    Peace, Light and Love – the other C.

    Aw, thanks for the kind words! Thank you. Let’s you and me drink some sweet tipsy goodness and let those gossipers clean up – yea! When I throw a party, I just let it all go to the morning. I don’t like anyone helping me, either.

  5. Awww…you are so cute, and that’s such an interesting insight, because it’s so easy to come to conclusions about people but you really do just have to ask!…

    PS: the noise of nature can be pretty captivating!

    PPS: I LOVE the song “Mercy” by Duffy…I heard it for the first time last week….can’t get enough of it right now 😉

    Hi Romi!!! I just can’t hear this song enough either! But, by the time I get around to buying the CD, I’ll be bored with it and one to the next? I keep saying what I think are the first words she says before singing “Hit the beat and take it to the first now?”

  6. Great line, “God only gives you stuff you can handle” and wonder that he doesn’t trust me with much.” What a hoot!

    It’s nice to read when someone is just happy with life! I know life is hard, but all things considered I know I have it really great.. sometimes I am scared that the other shoe is going to drop – must be my anxiety!

    JQ, I so appreciate your comments! You are so real and I love how you express the thoughts that resonate with you. We just can’t be worrying about other shoes a-dropping – gotta let them drop and just move aroundthem, I think. Now, I have to go read how that expression got started?! )(OMG SHOEZ?! – have you seen this video I’m referring to? sorry, the shoe topic has me distracted now…)

  7. hey – I hear you on the self-absorbed stuff. Been there…oh, wait, I AM there. Anyway, enough about me!
    This was my favorite post of yours to date. So honest and beautifully written. And I appreciate the advice on assigning tasks. Although it does raise the red flag in my brain: Is this why my mom always gives me “projects” when I’m at home?

    Wow Elizabeth! Thanks for the compliments. Those posts we just rush off the top of the head seem to be the best. The ones we slave over never get noticed. Mysterious ways of the bloggosphere. See, youf MOM believes in you and knows you’ll do a GREAT job with those projects! It’s a compliment.

  8. great post. I loved the comment you made:

    I have an awesome incredible life and I know it. I feel guilty about it sometimes. Then I get scared that I am about to have an anvil drop on my head if you believe in karmic balance.

    Too funny. Even when we have nothing to complain about, we have to pick oursleves apart and wonder what the heck is wrong with us that we have nothing to complain about?!? LOL We can’t even be happy without feeling guilty… or worrying that we’re gonna have to PAY for feeling happy. ??

    What is UP with that??

    Oh well… I like how you seem not to be too worried about it… and I especially liked your explanation for not helping at parties…

    When I have a party eveyone helps clean up… otherwise, I just start dropping anvils on their heads.


    hee hee – good for you: I guess having an anvil comes in handy at parties. Who knew? And you are so right about asking why, WHY?! do we feel the need to worry about stuff we shouldn’t be worrying about?

  9. Great post, you touched on a lot of stuff I could relate to (except for the music and TV, which I have on all the time). Blogging ,em>is really weird, isn’t it? If I think about it too hard I start thinking, “What the hell am I doing? Where is this all leading?” so I try not to think about it.

    Yep, don’t think about it, go with the flow, right? And thank YOU for introducing me to FotC. I’ve only seen them on the youtubes you and CZ point me to. BUT TODAY? I heard the Robot song on RawDog Sirius comedy! I felt like I had some coolness since I knew who it was and knew the song.

  10. thanks for the candid thoughts! I’ve been thinking a lot myself these days and would like to share something I’ve found really insightful. It’s a book called Harmonic Wealth and it’s all about finding harmony in your life in all areas – financial, relational, mental, physical, and spiritual. It has some really good tips about how to engage all five pillars (or areas) of your life, and to learn more about how they complement each other. Rather than dealing with each issue individually, maybe take a look at the bigger picture.
    Here’s the link to that book I recommend: harmonicwealth.com/read a James Ray Fan

    Hey! Are you tryin’ to sell me somethin’? This smacks of spamness.

  11. I so love your honesty C!

    I love music when in the house. The minute my husband leaves I turn on the music. He is a TV person.

    I also love the music of nature though! Cicada’s and owls are on stage outside right now. 🙂

    We are the center of our own little universes..eh? I love it when I have alone time!

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