I’m Home

June 2, 2008

  Look what I came home to!    My clematis!    I’ve also planted a Jackmanii variety that I hope will bloom later/soon.

How do  YOU say ‘clematis’?    with the emphasis on the 2nd syllable or the the first?    I say cle-MAT-is.   But a lot of people here in New England say CLEM-a-tis…



  1. How beautiful!! Welcome Home!

    Thanks Hallie! Thx for stopping by… I was wondering if my blog was lost – I shouldnt’ check it so often during the day – where IS everyone?

  2. I’m in New England and I say it the same way as you C! And that one is very pretty. I hope your Jackmanii does well too – they have such gorgeous deep colored petals. **sign**.

    Yes, jackmanii is so rich and beautiful. Maybe only south Mass says it ‘wrong’?! I get made fun of a lot and people think I have a southern accent when I don’t pronounce things like everyone else. I have to tell them that I have NO accent and “speak correctly” but that never seems to endear anyone…

  3. I don’t know much about outdoor flowers but I found a wild Iris growing in my front yard. It’s beautiful I have never ever planted Iris. I wonder where it came from.
    I love climbing flowers. My sister is an avid gardener and spends and spends hours out in her gardens. If I need a bouquet I just go over to her house and get one.
    Is that your garden behind the clematis?

    I love volunteer flowers! I moved a bunch of ‘weed’ daisies and then the weed killer got them – I was a bit mad. It’s a good thing I don’t know where you live or I would dig up that iris and move it to MY garden, ha! not really. Remember, flowers are a gift for us to enjoy. I would LOVE to see your sis’ gardens!

  4. I say it tjhe right way 😉 No not really i am just being a smart ass LOL!

    Ha ha! It sounds like you are feeling better?! It’s so good to hear that you can go home soon.

  5. Joan – what is your new avatar??!?! It’s kind of creepy!

  6. I say CLEM-a-tis. My dad taught me to say it like that and he is from Appalachia! Welcome home. That is a lovely flower to come home to.

    Aha! You’re one of THEM! My sources say both are correct. What’s funny for me, being a non-native here is that I tend to say it both ways EVERY time I say it. I do that same thing with ‘roof’. The first time I said roof the way I like to (it sort of rhymes with wood), I got harshly laughed at and didn’t know what I had said! I was thoroughly embarrassed. so now I say it twice, the wood rhyme way and the tooth rhyming way. Roof, ROOOF…

  7. Beautiful! I love going into the garden each day and being suprised by what has bloomed. I have yellow roses that I believe will bloom today. Looking forward to seeing them tonight.

    HI Mark! Roses are amazing. and yellow are my favorite. I have a tiny little rose bush that seems to thrive on neglect – he ain’t too pretty but his red roses are. I’m always amazed when it blooms.

  8. I say purple flowers.
    I’ve been seeing a lot of those lately, and didnt know what they were called.

    Hi Red! I have an over-abundance of purple flowers… Although, I did branch out and plant some vibrant RED geraniums this year!

  9. I don’t know how to pronounce it. Here in Chicago we say Clah-mattis. It’s beautiful. I planted two last year and only one made it *sniff* Yours is truly beautiful!

    JQ, it is important to keep the roots of this plant well-shaded but the rest of him likes full sunshine – it just doesn’t like to have it’s toes in the hot sun! I set up rocks around the ‘base’ and I lavish attention on the thing. I don’t know if I always know what I’m doing but I love what’s has happened with it so far!

  10. I like how you present the plant. Looks fancy.

    Yes, it IS fancy-shmancy, isn’t it? Thank you. I’ve been wanting a clematis for YEARS. and knowing they take a few years to get going – and the fact that I’ve moved residences so often, I’ve taken many years to get to this point. I relish it.

  11. Wow it looks great, all this dry weather we’ve had has my Clematis (I pronounce it CLEM-A-TIS) looking a bit ragged. 🙂

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