Photo Friday: Phantasmagoria

May 30, 2008

  You can play, too! CLICK HERE

Had to look this one up!  PHANTASMAGORIA!! 

I am attempting to use this definition as my inspiration today: 

a constantly changing medley of real or imagined images

However, I’m OUT OF TOWN on another fun trip and prepping this post early, scheduling the publication.   I had ideas of taking some kind of photo with time elapse – on film?  and digitizing it but… nah.

So then I had an idea to find a photo of something MOVING and playing with some kind of crazy photo tool.   Come to find out that you can download free software to create phantasmagorias!    Which brings up another “however”:    I hate to download stuff onto my PC.    I’m silly paranoid like that.  

Going back to Big Huge Labs where we did the Hockney effect for Self Portraits, I found the BEAD effect.   I hope this qualifies.    I present to you the original photo of a water fall in Costa Rica, the purplized bead look and then the thumbnail which really captures the look I hoped for.     You can also go stand far away from your monitor to see the bigger one and catch the same effect, I think…







I have no idea if this fits the theme!    I did NOT want to go look at any of the actual picture suggestions for the free downloadable software for phantasmagoria that I’m sure would distract me and give me reason to doubt….   So, in the humble words that always offer comfort:

It is, what it is.






  1. Interesting.

    Hmmm. I imagine you standing back, hand on chin, squinting… “yes, most interesting….” Is that accurate?! THANK YOU. I do read your blog – I apologize for not commenting more, but pls do know that I appreciate you coming by to read my words and view my pics. 🙂

  2. I like it. It looks very refreshing! Thanks for sharing. Of course, your original picture is most beautiful. God’s creation is so beautiful as it is, isn’t it. But, it’s fun to play around with God’s stuff sometimes; as long as we realize we can’t out do the Creator! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    PS. If you have the time, please send me the link to that FREE software. I love trying out free software.

    YEA! Someone saw this post!!!! Um, let’s see… the link for the free software? Go to google and enter this: “phantasmagoria free software” – it will bring up more than you can imagine. Knock yourself out. (actually, HOW DID YOU DO what you did for this theme?!?! I should go back to read it again, huh?!)

  3. Wow. I didn’t realize that was the water falls video. I couldn’t watch it at work earlier. I love that video! So true!

    Ah! Yep, it’s a waterfall! I love to hear about how art evolves the more times you look at it? When I was putting the post together, my head kept singing “Don’t go chasing waterfalls…” I had never seen the video; I do love the song.

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