J’aime l’océan

May 27, 2008

I love the ocean!

The Atlantic, from Sandwich, Massachusetts

The BLUES!   the GREENS!    the fact I got the horizon level!



  1. those are just GREAT!!! makes me want to jump right in…and i just figured that everyone wants to know what the underside of I95 looks like!

  2. I love it!! What great pictures!! I think there is a little salt water in my blood, it looks like home.

    I didn’t see any sailboats on the water. It was very windy, but not being a sailor, I don’t know if it was treacherous windy or not?

  3. You really DID get that horizon level. I could never do that. Hey – how come the Atlantic never looks so pretty when I photograph it? Hmmm. 😉

    I usually DON’T have it level! and I don’t know how to re-crop digitally for such a small adjustment. I don’t have all the fancy bells&whistles software to play with my pics. I do a great job of squaring up for my scrapbooks, though. Do you live by the Atlantic, too?

  4. Beautiful pictures!! Sandwich is nice. Did you go to Sandy Neck Beach or down by the canal?

    We weren’t by the canal; we found the town boardwalk. I don’t know if that is Sandy Neck Beach?! We eventually made it to Chatham and YES – traffic was as bad as we expected it would be but survivable…

  5. beautiful. I love Sandwich. (and sandwiches)

    Oh yes! You’re funny. Sandwich is particularly lovely, I think, and certainly easier to get to than the other end of the Cape!

  6. I love the ocean too. I live near a beach, so it’s quite a blessing.

  7. I adore the ocean – and live just four minutes walk from the Jurassic coastline of the UK. 🙂

    Lovely pics!

    Thx Jan! You live in a beautiful place… Seeing all your pics has moved up England on my must-visit list. Dollar has to get strong again?!

  8. i WANt aN OcEAN NEAr Me DANG and godo news on my blog 🙂

    Yes, it is nice to be near an ocean. But I do think it funny that people say they would never move from where we live because of the ocean and yet they NEVER go to the beach or seem to take advantage of it! I’m rushing over to see the good news now!

  9. I love the ocean too…it has always been a healing energy place for me!
    I enjoyed catching up on your posts..good photography and your writing just keeps getting better!
    Thank you for sharing your world with us C!

    Thank YOU, Dear! I appreciate you. I love the exuberance YOUR blog is showing of late!

  10. The ocean is beautiful. What a nice photo.
    For now we live in the woods, which are also lovely, but i told my husband that the next place we move to must be very close to the beach.

    i’ve heard Oregon has some stunning beaches. i haven’t seen any of them yet.

    Hi c! I love the woods, too but having grown up in Kansas, I also get quite sentimental about rolling hills and miles and miles of waving wheat fields. I can get claustrophobic in the woods – I need big sky. Dave at Thoughts-0-Dave has some amazing shots of Oregon’s coast… yes, gorgeous…

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