Photo Friday: EMOTION

May 23, 2008

Let’s not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it.  ~Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

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Here we are, another Friday.    I wasn’t into this assignment as much as weeks past and having had a little spat – really, it wasn’t even that.  Shall we say a conversation (one-sided.  HIS) that has affected me in the negative.

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.  ~Dale Carnegie

I have to remember that my “job” is being my husband’s ‘personal assistant’ (hey!  WITH benefits!) and sometimes he treats me like an employee.     I get ‘performance reviews’ like the one this morning where he  gives me not only some tasks to do TODAY but also how he would handle certain situations.    SItuations that I failed to do properly yesterday.    And like any typical person who gets a cricitized, I’m taking it harder than I should.   He’s absolutely right – I didn’t handle the situation well.  

aha!    I’m experiencing STRONG FEELINGS?!   How do I capture this on film?!   digitally?!     As usual, my fingertips run to open a new window to access Google.   “define emotion”:   Yep ==>  strong feelings.    I open my folder of photos to see if anything jumps out at me…    Ah, perhaps the shots I just took this week – certainly THAT would be appropriate?   And then, I go tripping through some of the QUOTE sites hoping something will tie this all together…

One’s suffering disappears when one lets oneself go, when one yields – even to sadness.  ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Southern Mail, 1929, translated from French by Curtis Cate

FLOWERS!  YES!!     Not the most beautiful photos by any professional standards;  these are me just wandering around my yard taking candid shots of what makes me feel good.   FLOWERS MAKE ME FEEL GOOD!


I love lilacs.   I love the dark purple lilacs best!    I am so very excited that these are just about to bloom and in my front yard!     We planted them last summer and though I requested this variety, you never know if that’s what you are really going to get.    I’m thrilled.   Just thrilled that I have lilacs and plenty of them!    I can sit here at my PC and glance out the window to see them.    

I present to you ‘Study of Lilacs To Emote Good Feeling’.

Sadness flowers to the next renewing joy.  ~Jareb Teague


and for a bonus, may I also give you unnamed orange flower (perennial) that smells really good too!   This little guy cheers me almost as much as my lilacs but I can’t see him from the window…


Feelings are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.  ~Jonatan Mårtensson

CHOOSE JOY!   go look at some flowers that inspire you.


I should have known this would be an ’emotional’ series!    Please visit my PFer friends and read the stories!     Such great emoting…

Jan gives tribute to her beautiful friend.
Tall Chick gives us a tale to laugh with.
Julie’s  “But I Just Don’t WANNA!” at Just for Fun




  1. Great quotes and pics!

    I love lilacs as well – they not only look beautiful but they smell delightful too.

    I love the fact that you’ve called the “unnamed orange flower” a “him”! Somehow it should be a boy, cheeky and feisty and in your face!:-)

    hee hee, of course, this little fella is a guy flower! I love your words ‘cheeky and feisty’! Your flowers in your gardens – what a heaven you live it! (anyone reading this needs to go visit Author’s blog to see her lovely estate – wow!)

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  3. I think you did great! Flowers make me feel happy to…why is that? Happy is a great emotion! Have a happy friday everyone!

    happy is the BEST! Hope you had a nice weekend. I’m looking forward to the next PF – what will YOU do?!

  4. Oh, lilacs are one of my favorites and I have some on my table right now as I write this – I have the light purple ones though. I too would prefer the dark purple but the light ones are prevalent around here. Have you seen the yellow and the pink and the striped ones? Oh goodness – they all smell wonderful though. I love your photos and your quotes. This is a happy post – my favorite kind! 🙂

    No, I don’t think I recall any yellow and pink lilacs!!!! I’ll have to google-image that. When I wear my sunglasses, those light purple ones look more rosy red and it startles me…

  5. I am so happy my daughter got me some outdoor flowers for Mother’s Day. The window boxes are about a foot from my computer so I can see them all the time. We had no flowers before. Your right, flowers can make a normal day into a great day.

    You deserve ALL the flowers you get! What great mom you are to such great kids. I thought of you this weekend; some of the gifts shops we wandered into in Chatham had those medievel dragonlike sculptures – “hey! remindes me of Joan”

  6. Oops – I forgot to mention that it is also neat that you realized you were being over-sensitive to the criticism. I have a hard time with that myself. Does anyone NOT, I wonder?

    Thanks Teeni, you are right – you can still be hurt even when you know it’s not the best emotions to choose at that time. I’m always much harder on myself so don’t need any additional!

  7. ok….I don’t think I’d make a good ’employee’ for a spouse, frankly. LOL I won’t go into it any more than that, but …uh….no.

    Your attitude is magnificent 🙂 JOYFUL GIRL

    Thanks Grace, no really, it’s OK. I am married to my best friend and it’s all good. I got a pretty good gig…

  8. i love lilacs. So much so i used to have, when i was much much younger, this perfume stick thingy, it smelt so good! I loved it! I am much older and wiser now, i wear real perfume. So I have a lilacs outside my house and just love going outside this time of year!! mmmm! love the pictures! and the quotes!

    Hi Hallie, My neighbor keeps telling me I should cut some lilacs for inside but I can’t choose which to cut and so, instead, I just run outside and smell the blossoms whenever I can! Thx for stopping by and sharing my lilac-love.

  9. This week,s subject were quite emotional – Your’s is emotional to me because I can feel ya on this one – truly! The flowers are most beautiful, and the words are most appropriate. Flowers can calm the soul at times when nothing else does. I believe God must have made them just for us women folk. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers with us this week. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    I am so thankful for flowers and admire and appreciate their presence in the world – flowers brighten many a dark corner in many corners of the world. Peace Light and Love to you! Thank you.

  10. I am so glad that you captured something that makes you happy instead of focusing on the negative emotion.

    I would LOVE to know how you can work on such a personal level with your husband and NOT take something like a performance evaluation personally lol.

    Gorgeous flowers. Thanks for sharing!

    oh, it’s easy – “wife” is just another word for “personal assistant”, sometimes… I give myself all sorts of titles to make me feel important. ha!

  11. Lilacs were my hometown symbol; had them in abundance and they bring in wonderful memories! So fragrant. Also, not sure what that BRIGHT yellow flower is but I slammed on my brakes this morning while driving my twins to Jr. High to point at them because there was a grouping of this exact flower around someone’s tree and the color was SCREAMING at me, just couldn’t be missed. They were like, “Yeah, mom, drive! We don’t want to be late” Booo-hisssss! They just don’t get it I guess. I feel bad for them then…. right? RIGHT! Awesome pictures!

    You crack me up, but I LOVE that you saw this flower, too! Kids will just have to deal. I’ve been trying to find out what this flower is – I may still have the tag that came with it; I’m sure I planted it and it’s not a volunteer. I thought I was in luck when I found another photo and it was on a blog that said: “Don’t know that this flower is but it’s cheery!” I about fell over.

  12. yellow/orange- oops, just magnificent 😉

  13. Oh C,
    I would die to have lilacs outside my window. I havent seen lilacs since I lived in Michigan – if they grow out here, I don’t know where. I’m with you – something about flowers makes the bad feelings go away.

    Lilacs are terrific. I wonder if you could have a houseplant of a lilac? Hmmmm. Flowers are the best to chase away the negativities.

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  15. “Choose Joy” AMEN!

    Love your quotes, your introspection, your photos, etc.! Thanks for sharing your strong feelings with all of us!

    Mine’s finally up. 🙂

    Above Highway 24 - Tunnel Two

    Thanks so much, Lou/Linda! I appreciate the compliments and I am looking forward to your photos.

  16. Oops, wrong link!

    Correct link is:


    OK – will be over soon!

  17. Thank you ALL for the comments here and sharing in my love for flowers (and quotes!) I will be out of town next week but have a Photo Friday post ready… Talk at you when I get back!

  18. I love the quotes. They are so true. Photo Friday is getting better and better, isn’t it?

    Yes, altho, I’ve been hoping that Photo Friday would encourage me to learn better use of my camera but I keep playing with the results instead of attempting to improve the shots themselves. Hmmm…

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