David Cook Wins!

May 22, 2008

 For the best play-by-play of last night, click here!  Napping at Red Lights


I enjoyed the finale – I LOVED the duets:   Carly & Michael Johns (Wrote Me A Letter)  and especially, the one at the beginning with the two Davids.  Their voices are so different and yet blended in harmony WOW!   

Loved ZZTop!    Enjoyed Carrie Underwood – she’s figured out stage presence, huh?  But I don’t care for that new song (Last Name).   Momma always told me not to say mean things about other people, so I won’t mention anything about Donna Summers.   And, is it me or does Bryan Adams actually look almost good?   WHY!?  do men get better looking as they age?     

Good luck to all the contestants – I love to see what happens next.   



  1. Although I felt that David Archuleta had a stronger performance on Tuesday’s show, if you take the whole thing into consideration Cook was absolutely the right choice. Let’s face it, he had this thing in the bag after he punched Lionel Richie in the face.

    But I think we can all agree that in the end we were all losers for having to see David Archuleta dance around in his underwear during that Guitar Hero ad. Yikes!

  2. I was so happy he won. I was certain it was going to do to Frankie Avalon, jr. They finally got it right. And too his reaction was so humble and real. I watched the good parts of the finale and flipped between that and the season finale of Criminal Minds. I do like me some crime shows – my bad.

    Yes, DC is terrific. I enjoyed the finale, too. Haven’t watched Criminal MInds but I’m hooked on BONES. I love the witty banter…

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