Golly Gee

May 19, 2008

Golly gee, friends, I’m NOT supposed to explain any non-postings and whatnots due to that No-Obligation Blogging Creed, but I’m feeling a touch of the blogchore syndrome of late.  (no offense to all you, my lovelies!   more like a lack of inspiration and a need to be moving, outside, getting sunshine…)

I’ve been trying to post more door photos.   Must be destined for another day.

Have you ever been out and about and think you see a blog-buddy?    Now, I have never MET you all, but from avatars or photos you post, I will see someone and think “Ohmigod!   That person looks just like ______!”    and I truly have to stop myself before wandering over and asking,

“excuse me, but do you blog?”


“Wow – you look just like…    You remind me of someone I sort of know on the internet….   Um, hi, do I know you?”

But, I think better of it.    and thus fail to make the human connection and prefer to scurry home and check my blogstats instead.   Actually, I’m not even doing that.   I haven’t been signing in but rather I type in the ideajump.wordpress address just to see if any comments!    and then, not being signed into WordPress, I go do laundry or go outside and pull weeds.

HOWEVER…  if you were reading a Nicholas Sparks book while getting your oil changed last week at the car dealer on 44, then I think I saw you!

Happy Monday.



  1. It wasn’t I. I live in Virginia and haven’t ventured across state lines in quite a while. I’m due for a trip though! Imagine if you would have approached the individual (ha ha)?- I can’t even imagine that – I’m too shy for false introductions, but I have had it happen to me on occasion. One lady even thought I was a daughter she hadn’t seen in a long time. It was sort of dad. Anywhew! Peace!

  2. See?! good to know. What would it have meant to find out it WAS you and we missed out?! on the other hand, this lady was lovely and I bet she was a cool person, too. next time, maybe.

  3. i do that all the time, then have to remind myself that i am not where i grew up, which means all those people from grade school have not migrated to the east coast!

  4. It wasn’t me.
    I don’t think you would recognize me from my avatar as it is a giant kitten. But that would be funny.

  5. Now, I know I commented on this post – who et’ it? 😯

  6. Fritz – I think once we hit a certain age, everyone looks familiar! Not that you are any certain age, or anything. I probably wouldn’t recognize any of my gradeschool buds actually.

    Elizabeth! My pup always alerts to me the kitties in the neighborhood.

    Annie/WC, you commented on the song post, silly! But it warms my heart that you came back to check on it. hee hee.

  7. I thought that was you! BAHAHAHAH! Priceless!

  8. It wasn’t me either!LOL!

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