Photo Friday: Doors, Doorways, Entryways…

May 16, 2008

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Today’s theme is Doors, Doorways and Entryways.   To the house, to the soul, whereever…

This week, I wanted to take some FRESH photos.   Allow me to set the scene:   on my walks down an old town byway, I see a nice farmhouse and between it and the street are these extremely interesting evergreens with boughs that dip and look so original!   Perhaps, a long long time ago there was a fence that was built right over them and they had to bend and move to re-orient themselves to reach the sky?

THAT is what I had a hard time capturing – the bendies!   But that’s not the theme – it’s the way the owners have a path THROUGH the bendies that give this the coolness aspect.

First, the shot taken from the rockwall across the road:

Zooming in…

and now, the grand finale!





Plus, a few other fun photo shots of other paths, doors, etc…

 Not gettin’ to THIS door, huh? 


This one is my ‘to the soul’ exhibit:

 Ah, lush green….


Compared to the image in my mind’s eye, what the digitals caught is not as impressive as I had hoped.  Oh well.   I love taking pics of doors and have many many from my visits to various places over the years.   I have the idea of framing a bunch of these and have yet to get around to it. 







  1. Hi CuriousC,

    The title this week was fascinating, thank you. And I love your associated photos. I’d like to see more of the ones from the past too.

    I particularly like the grand finale one – it makes me want to follow the path, stoop down under the growth, climb the step – and knock on that door to say “hello”! It’s very homely looking.

    Thanks – the doors theme could be used in a lot of ways – those are the best themes, huh? We’ve got some challenges coming up – Thanks for doing all this organizing. I think Photo-Friday the whole week, ya know.

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  3. Ohh wow! I love the way those trees are shaped like that – it makes sense that there may have been a gate there at some point – good thinking! I’d love to see your doors too! Very cool!

    Thank you. You’ve inspired me to get a move on my door photo collage! btw, that metal wall thingy you blogged about is REALLY cool – great find.

  4. i love the bendie trees! i see a lot of that out here and always wonder what was there before. Great Pictures!

    Yes, these trees are fascinating. I think they are cedars.

  5. Looks very inviting….fun to imagine maybe a dwarf’s entrance to the house!

    As a realtor – you would probably not be happy with these trees. No good angle for a good photo for the website, if you know what I mean! And, of course, you couldn’t say anything about height-challenges, huh?!

  6. Love the way the first pictures pull you in! I wanted to go in further! The grass in there looks sooo soft and cool and it’s so peaceful.

    thanks! I love walking this street and these trees are mid-way on my route. I haven’t ventured through them yet – I’ve never seen people at the house but it’s both inviting and foreboding, actually…

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  8. Great theme this week. I want to visit that old farmhouse just to walk through the “bendies”.

    I love it. Thank you so much!

    Tina, thank YOU. Very powerful post from you. I knew this could be an amazing theme in the right hands. We’ve got some challenging ones coming up, too.

    I think these trees are Western Red Cedars, now that I’m tree-shopping… These particular ones, and why I chose them for this photo series, are extremely fascinating. I didn’t really capture that – oh well.

  9. Thanks for choosing the theme this week. I love your paths and door ways. They are right where I would love to be in the now! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

    Peace Light and LOVE back at ya CordieBee!

  10. i love old trees and how they form archways and pathways to things. i grew up in a place that sported many old trees and they are very pleasurable memories. i think you’ve captured these very well. i may have to steal your idea about doorways – great concept.

    Thank you Sarah! Your poetry is amazing.

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  12. These are beautiful!

    Oh, thank you!

  13. I just visited Author’s blog, and found her entry to be symbolic and a bit sad. Your entry, on the hand, is soulful and serene. That is quite a contrast. Good stuff.

  14. thanks, good post

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