I Want To Be a Dermatologist

May 15, 2008

So, I woke up this morning with a bug bite on my face, I think.  [I mowed yesterday.]  It’s a little red spot that itches…  that upon closer inspection, has some slight allergy-like puffiness to it.   Which rules out a zit.   I know zits – this aint one.

Plus, I can tell my body is fighting the dreaded ‘something ‘.   One eye is slightly puffy, too, and             GODDAMMIT, my lips are quivering with that cold sore emergency quakeness.   I SOOOOoooo hate and regret that drunken college spring break trip to South Padre Island that ruined my life forever:   every since then, I break out with fever blisters or Herpes Simplex Whatever – the one on the lip that comes back whenever my immune system is threatened.    That they can’t find a cure for nor apparently can cut out from behind whatever nerve cell/skin cell it hides when sleeping.   They suck. 

Enough wallowing in anger and self-pity.   After I pop an allergy pill, I go call the dermatologist…

May I suggest we all go enroll ourselves in med schools for dermatology?     They can’t see me until late October.   And it’s with the old guy who graduated from medical school in 1953.   Which, to me, means that no one else wants the old doc to treat them!   He is the first up and only one available!?!?   For Oct 20, 2008.





  1. Unbelievable. Same with the ‘lady doctor’. If they know they have to see you in a year and it’ll take them 6 months to get you in, why do they send the reminder postcard a month before???

  2. Hmmmm…{{curiousc}}…what stress have you been dealing with or rather, trying not to deal with…something coming from right under the surface of your awareness…?

  3. you could always consult my bf, he is a self taught dermatologist and podiatrist (as much as i hate to suggest it, i would stay with the old guy) love my bf, but i think his skills are best kept to himself!

  4. Bug bites suck. Try a little antibiotic cream on it (neosporin) that usually works for me. Also, liquid bandaid or clear nail polish with cut the air flow to it, which should make it go away.

    Sorry about the dermatologist snafu – come to California, we’re lousy with them.

  5. I don’t know why they schedule so far out – I find it hard to believe there aren’t enough of them. Sheesh. Maybe you could see an RN or physician’s assistant though so you wouldn’t have to wait so long? I don’t know what I’d do.

  6. Oh, that blows! Can you go to your GP? “I SOOOOoooo hate and regret that drunken college spring break trip to South Padre Island” I think every single one of us has some type of regret; well, at least I do 😉 Get better sweetie!

  7. My father once had a serious skin condition, but I couldn’t get an early appointment for him from any dermatologist. I finally had enough, so I drove my dad to the nearest office and demanded immediate consultation. It actually worked.

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