Happy Graduation

May 12, 2008

I am dedicating a post to my friends LBHDC who will be moving away from Happy Valley and off to the Big Wide ‘REAL’ World of LIFE soon by graduating from college.


I found LB when I was just learning to blog.    Those days before you ‘knew’ anyone and just bounced along and randomly searched and followed comments to where ever they may lead.    Before google-reader told you when your faves had a new post or before you had regular blogs to go visit…    I believe the first post I read of LBs was about martinis or beer.   Anyway, her blog screamed college student, smart-sassy college student and I couldn’t resist blogrollin’ her.    

I have to thank you for introducing me to a ton of awesome bloggers and have many rolled here and feel I’ve really gotten to know a few, could even call them friends.   Thanks LB.     for marathon training, for music education, lots of stuff I wouldn’t even know I needed to know if I didn’t know someone 22 or so.

and Heather?   a terrific writer, so full of young energetic optimism!      We talk books and traveling…

I have fond memories of my college days which are 20 years ago and yet feel like yesterday.    That last year of college, I  was offered my first job in OCTOBER so knew I would be headed to Chicago in June.   I would have put that off to JULY if I had to do it over again.   I was moved out of my college place and had started my new job within 7 days.   WAY TOO FAST.  and just because, I was terrified to not be ‘going along’ – when the new job asked if I could start ______, I said, “Of course.”   stupid stupid me.   (But not really, I met a life long friend at that job and would have missed knowing him if I had taken those few weeks EASY after grad.) 

I met my Hub in class that Fall Semester, my last year.   I asked for his help on homework.   To be honest, I had a huge crush on his roommate…     So one day, Hub asked me to dinner….  EIGHT WEEKS later (during finals of that Fall Semester) he asked me to marry him.     Ah, that was fun…    (me, sighing, thinking about that following SPRING semester…  ah…)   Never a dull moment, and he’s still my “Split-Apart-Back-Together-Again”. 

OOp!  this post wasn’t about me!  It’s about sending LB and H a BIG hearty congrats for successfully completing college and soon embarking on the rest of their lives!   To love, adventure, careers, fun!  and LIFE.

    Please keep blogging!  

and LB?   If I ever get around to training for that marathon – I’m looking to you for advice!!    
Heather?  BE SAFE on that trip and stop at all the crazy little historical landmarks…



  1. this is so sweet!! Thank You Thank You!!! I loved your little recap too…I can’t believe you started work 7 DAYS after graduating, thats so crazy! But everything works out like it should 🙂

  2. ooh I forgot to add, No it wasn’t My birthday, it was LB’s and Em’s (other roomie) 🙂

  3. My congratulations to LB and HDC. I wish them all the best in their life journey.

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!! That was the sweetest graduation present! oooo you might enjoy this one: my dad printed my entire blog into a hardcover book 🙂 very exciting !!!! Thank you again!

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