Photo Friday: Self Portrait

May 9, 2008

…the one you’ve all been waiting for!   Self Portrait   –>  Never before seen on this blog!

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Ha!  Isn’t this fun?   I love this photo of Shogun the Horse and me.    Sadly, this is a horse, a fond member of my sis-in-law’s family, that is no longer with us.   He lived a long life of nearly 35 years; maybe even 36, I forget.   They lost him quick last December.     

 <==  The original.


Another HOCKNEY Effect available by the Big Huge Lab website gives this interesting result:


and, finally, since I get so carried away and have to present lots and lots!   Here is my last and FAVORITE (because I love purple, most likely…)



I really enjoyed playing with these pictures.    Though many of the photos are YEARS old, oops!  I had a blast using this effect on pictures of my Hub’s big catch, the neighbor children, and, of course, the dog.    It’s really easy to do, too, and they allow SHUFFLE so if the arrangement isn’t quite right, you just click and wait and see what pops up next!

Join us for Photo Fridays!   Next week is DOORS, DOORWAYS, ENTRY WAYS…

Author Jan at A Curious State of Affairs IS the art hung on the wall of the museum gallery!!
Tina at SkyWindows motivates us to LIVE LIFE!
Lou(Linda) at BlahBlahBlog got her hair cut!    (and OOPS!   I realize I used pics that I myself didn’t take – except the first one…  I DID take the one of me and Shogun.)
CordieB gives us a Magazine cover of roses and chocolate and other good stuff. 

Happy Mother’s Day EVERYONE!



  1. I love the horse picture!!! reminds me of my horse!

    Thanks! I was looking through my photos of myself and thought this one would be a good one for the Hockney effect. Looks like all agree! Shogun was in a good mood that day and was quite curious about the camera as I held it out in front of us. It’s a very good one of him. Maybe I’ll post the one withOUT me in it, too.

  2. I just love the pic of you with Shogun – it made me laugh out loud! It’s such fun! It seems like Shogun nosed in on the main part of the pic!

    And I love both the Hockneyizers – you have beautiful eyes! 🙂

    Thx Jan, especially for the compliment on my eyes! I like my eyes. However, you may notice that there are FEW of my with any nose. (I don’t like my nose. ha!)

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  4. Yes, I love the horse photo too! What a cool effect. These photos you post are really fun. Keep them coming! 🙂

    THanks Wendy, I’m addicted to Photo Friday! I think about it all week long… I keep forgetting my camera when I’m out and about, but I expect that sooner than later, I’ll have it glued to me after so many weeks of this!

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  6. I also love the picture of you with Shogun. I especially love how the Hockneyizer made his soft looking nose look so BIG! 🙂 Like he could smell something a hundred miles away. I need to spend more time in the Bug Huge Lab seeing what else can be done!

    Oh Lou(Linda)! I spent a LOT of time playing, I did! and then I realized that polaroid was only another option; I was curious about what would display (second pic) and I loved the wateriness of it…

  7. It looks like you had fabulous fun with this weeks photo friday.

    I enjoyed looking at all your photos and all the different effects you used!

    Big FUN! I didn’t even get try any other choice effects – I’m glad you did. VERY NICE.

  8. Thanks for the pretty pix of your disjointed Hockneyized self. Yup. Pretty eyes. Just a word of warning for you that I once heard from an old Yankee farmer.

    “Pleasure horses are the road to ruin.”

    (Yeah, we’re ruined. We have 2 of those gigantic pets. What the hell is it with women and horses anyway?!?!)

    Oh David, I myself am NOT a horseychick. I lasted about 45 seconds when I attempted to ride Shogun – he had me too far off the ground! I’ve only been atop a horse 3 times in my life! HOWEVER, my sis in law majored in Horse Husbandry in college – who knew such a degree existed? She works with disabled children with an amazing horse therapy group – they do incredible work and she is a big part of it. Her horses WORK hard doing good. It’s heartwarming, it is.

  9. What you did for your self portrait is very unique! Love the first one of you and the horse!

    Thanks JQ – go to the site and try some of the fun effects. You and the kiddies will have a blast!

  10. what a cool picture effect!! I keep thinking I need to get into photoshop and start learnin some tricks, there are so many fun things you can do with pictures!

  11. Looks like you were having a blast with these pics. Shogun stole the show in his pic with you. May he rest in peace! That hockeynizer feature brings out the neurosis OCD out of me – I keep changing the shuffle -over and over again – I had to stop myself. You look like you have big, big fun! Thanks for

  12. great photos! i have got to check out that site! (eye envy alert) you have such gorgeous eyes!!!!

    are you somewhere west with Shogun the horse?

  13. My own computer died last year and I really can’t afford to buy another one. It had great programs for playing around with photos, etc. Now I use my wasband’s computer which has nothing to play with photos. What program would you recommend. I would really like to get back into photography like I used to.

    Your photos are awesome. I was horse crazy when I was young. My niece was Captain of her college Equestrian team and was a great horsewoman. She owned her own horse but it died of colic when she was at boarding school with the horse. My daughter took riding lessons too when she was young.

  14. Loved your self portraits…more pieces to the puzzle of you!

    You have lovely eyes and smile. You should embrace your nose! I always disliked mine..then I had it pierced when I turned 50. Guess what..I now wear a sparkly little stone in it..and I like what I see. 🙂
    All those years of wasted energies of dislike. :O

    Thanks for sharing your creations with us!

  15. C! You’re so cute and what great pictures. I couldn’t even begin to do that sort of thing – such a talented girl are you.

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