A Phone Call, a New Dog and a Fifth Baby

May 7, 2008

When I heard the Idol music come on, I logged off and quickly began to prepare my dinner of Grilled Swiss (2 slices)  with a handful of baby spinach melted inside and a salad chock full of more baby spinach, cherry tomatoes,celery, carrots and Romaine lettuce.   

I didn’t like DC’s first song Hungry Like the Wolf.    I got tired of that one in the 80s!   Maybe because I lived that song, it just doesn’t click with me as a good Idol song…  blech.    Sysesha did a fine job with Proud Mary and really had the moves!     Simon thought it a bad imitation of Tina Turner and yet, what I was thinking during the performance, was how glad I was the Syesha wasn’t trying to sound like TT.   huh.

I swear Jason wants off the competition.    THEN!  I had the thought that maybe AI or even some other evil entity is paying him to ‘throw the fight’!  y’know – to make it interesting.     (Paranoid mind at work?)   It was dismal and horrendous.    He was quite animated for I Shot the Sheriff (sorry, only Clapton should be allowed, imo) and it made me think of the Muppets…   Did the Muppets ever cover this song?  I mean no disrespect to Bob Marley.

  Then my phone rang.    Caller display tells me that it’s a friend, maybe the only IRL friend who knows about and sometimes reads this blog.   I would have ignored her because AI was on!  but she must know that AI is on and thus, this call must be an emergency.   So I answer.

And, even though, it’s not a crisis/bad news/emergency, it is a GOOD NEWS SHARING call to let me know that I’m a dog-aunt.   She got a new puppy, sort of.   A rescue so he’s likely closer to 3 years old.   I may even have that all wrong…    CONGRATULATIONS!   Add this to today’s to do list:   buy puppy-shower gift.

With a little red wine loosening up my talking joints, I proceed to yap with her about all sorts of stuff and managed to miss DA, DC’s second song, SM’s second song and got back to it in time to see/watch Jason FORGET THE WORDS!?!???!?!    ugh.    massacre ahead.

DA sings a fine but boring Love Me Tender, the recap plays and I feel disappointed and not inspired.   I go let the dog out, the husband called to see if I was able to start the mower (I was, lawn’s now had a hair cut) and check a few blogs…

Dog gets all commotiony, barking and carrying on –  I see my neighbors get into their van and scurry up the street.    I recognize the MIL car in the driveway…     BABY!!?!     My neighbor is due-any-sec pregnant with their fifth baby, and it looks like the wee one might be wanting to come out and play.     And, now first thing this beautiful morning, I look out the window to see if their van’s back and NOPE, MILs car is still there, alone.   so!?    Maybe baby has arrived!    

BABY MAKES SEVEN.                  wow.




  1. Oh, it kinda stinks that you missed some of A.I. Did you have it recorded? I hope so. I am just getting ready to write my review before someone gets eliminated tonight. Loved what you wrote here. I thought DA’s last perfomance, was blah too,and the judges just went ga-ga over it!???? Hmmm? And so disappointed in Jason… what the? I don’t think I fixed the url thing at my profile page but I did try. I’m trying to comment here and it says I’m logged in as Javaqueen14 and does not ask me for a url, so I’m guessing that’s the problem? Oh, help me Curious C!!!

  2. Wait, I think it worked! Because I just put my mouse over my name and it linked back to my site. BY GEORGE, I think I’ve got it! Is this what you were talking about? I always wondered how to fix that I AND I NEVER WOULD HAVE GUESSED!

    YIPPEE! Glad to help.

  3. I always DVR AI just in case there are interruptions. I can’t wait for tonight to see who goes. I love your RWBI. I wish I had enough WW points to do that. But I buy expensive diet soda and eat two snacks instead of one. I don’t care what anyone says I still like David Cook the best.

    Altho, youtube often has the songs, too so you can avoid commercials all together! I’m still rooting for DC,too. I wish Jason the best.

  4. I forgot all about AI this week, thank you for catching me up! And my God but that grilled cheese sandwich sounds wonderful. It’s 7:15 PM and I haven’t eaten yet … so I think that’s exactly what I’ll have. Thanks! 😉

    And how was YOUR grilled cheese? PS just sent you an email… Of course, by the time you read this comment response, you’ll probably have already checked your e/m so nevermind… It’s nothin earth shattering or anything.

  5. I love your ramblings! And that grilled cheese sarnie sounds gorgeous. Might have to go get some breakfast (it’s 8.30am here!)and I’m still in my pyjamas!

    OH! I LOVE that you love my ramblings. And that grilled cheese is on Wonder Whole Grain which is my fave bread if not from a real bread store… I thought our time difference was extreme – I’m going to get my Self Portrait to post at 2:00 am so you can see it when you wake up!

  6. OH! and Author? Thank you for my new word of the day: SARNIE! cool.

  7. OH you make me hungry with that grilled cheese! how are you curiou s C?

    HI Kaylee! Can you get grilled cheese in that ‘resort’ you are staying in?! hope so. I left a comment at your site you’ll probably read before this…. OH,yes, you’ve asked me a question: I’m good, thanks for asking. HUGS to you, my Dearie!

  8. Dang, you have a busy neighborhood. Must concur with you on all the Idol reviews – same. At least dreadlocks boy is gone now. I personally think the finale= both David’s. Am I wrong.

    Puppy shower gift – gee, why don’t I have friends like you? 🙂

    Hi Annie – you got it right about the two Davids! and thx for the reminder on the puppy shower – I forgot! (my friend supposedly reads my blog but admitted to only reading the first para or so. ha! She never reads comments…) I need to remember that puppy gift, and to think, I was just in Petco! shame on me.

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