May 6, 2008


RWBI = Red Wine Before Idol!   Sometime tonight!   I will try to get the actual on-air time correct this time.    (White wine is fine, too. )  

On the way to TOP THREE.   NOT who I thought or hoped would be in the Final Four but I’m a-thinking David Cook, my awesome rocker, my fellow KC Royals fan, my Blue Springs Boy…

will be safe.   

I know I could go find out what songs they will be singing but that’s part of the fun of the first show of the week.  Tonight could be anything.   In the meantime, I have been enjoying the Neil Diamond channel on Sirius radio.   I never knew he wrote this song!     And, he was kinda hot back in the day.    I will always love him for Sweet Caroline.  



  1. OH! LOVE THE IDEA!!! However, I work nights and tonight is the first night of my work week 😦 This will not stop me from coming by later and reading every delicious red wine moment of what you think……..

    So sad I cannot partake in your fun plan…..

  2. Yesss I am all about a drink in hand with Idol-watching. haha. I think David C is good to go, I could do without the other David though. I’m a little bored with that one….

  3. I am a complete fan of Neil Diamond. That velvet voice gets to me every time! Thanks for the wonderful clip.

    I like “Idol” too!

  4. […] of town and American Idol was on.   And I was enjoying a glass or five of red wine.     Click here to read the first of that glorious […]

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