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May 3, 2008

Bless Joan Harvest for keeping me supplied with posting ideas.    She has thrown out another meme and though I wasn’t specifically tagged, I just know she wanted to me to play.    She’s given me the IDEA, so I am JUMPing

Six Things Meme

Here are the rules: 1) Link back to the person who tagged you (that= me!). 2) Post the rules on your blog. 3) Write six things about yourself. 4) Tag six people at the end of your post by posting links to their blog sites. 5) Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their site. 6) And let your tagger know when your entry is up.

1.    I sometimes really dislike following the rules.   For example, even though I will obey RULEs #1, #2, #3  and #6 (well, WordPress should do that for me…), I do not want to do RULEs #4 & #5.   And it’s really only a case of having just tagged a few for the Five Fluffs Meme and so want to NOT do it now and I’m curious who will find this and do it anyway.   I mean really,  WHO is enforcing these rules, anyway?   The Meme-Police!?     However, the little tidbit that you may not realize about me is that one of my personality traits is to be a stickler for rules.     Especially when stressed.    Which is related to being ‘right’ and ‘correct’.   Apparently, I’m wired to collect and analyze, gather and check details, and check once again before EVER making a decision, especially a stressful decision.    Don’t call me in a crisis.    I don’t do crisis very well. 

2.   I want to ride on a Segway.  Or should I say, I want to DRIVE a Segway? 

3.   I really really want a pair of cowboy boots but I never trust that the pairs I try on FIT perfect so I don’t buy…     I said aloud to no one just the other day,

“If I was a country singer, I bet I’d own a cool pair of cowboy boots.”   Ariat® Women's Legend Bramble Boot # 15852 Mocha Cow w/ Square Toe

In college, me and roomie referred to cowboy boots with the emphasis on BOY and only a ‘k’ sound for the ‘cow’.   Something like this:  k’BOY boots.

4.   I was wondering who it was that left my first comment here on my blog after one of The Writer Chick’s posts and…  oh yea, it was ___________.    Memories of sad blogging behavior (on my part, I think?)  I saw that the blogger put me on their blogroll (cool beans!) and a month later took my blog OFF the blogroll!  (ouch!!)   I then in sad retaliation, deleted THAT blog off my roll and, then….    silliness, all of it.   Big heapin’ pile of silliness.   I still read that blog, comment ever so often but rarely, and wonder what happened…    NOT a big deal.    The whole Blogging-Without-Obligation movement needs to include not getting all carried away with this craziness.   Roll me if you want; don’t need to ask permission.   Comment if you’d like, don’t get hung up on my commenting back – but I will try to visit!    Peace, gentleness, calm….    Breathe….    Smiles.   🙂   It’s all supposed to be FUN, remember?

5.   I was supposed to participate in a 20 mile fundraiser walk tomorrow but now I don’t have to cuz of rain.   I am so relieved…

6.  I can’t think of anything for the last item….   How about…  I just planted two Tequila Sunrise Coreopsis.   In the rain.   I planted some more dianthus and a few lupine, too, out among our swale (go ahead, say swale out loud!   It’s a FUN word, isn’t it?   I always have to say it twice, to feel it roll around my mouth…)   Oh.  I was yapping about flowers, wasn’t I?      Here’s a pic from last year, with Zinnias.   I’ll post a new and improved pic soon…




  1. I would have tagged you anyway but I was too lazy to tag anyone because you have to put all the links to their blogs and I just didn’t feel like it when I wrote that meme. So I didn’t do # 4 or #5 either but I’m glad you did it. Thanks.

    When my son lived in Florida 2 years ago he gave Segway tours on Sanibel Island. He loved doing that job.

    I used to have this really cool pair of boots when I was young that I kept in great condition and offered to give them to my daughter when she was about 16 and she said they weren’t really cool anymore. I finally got rid of them because they didn’t fit me anymore. Now she decides she wants them and is disappointed I got rid of them. They even had a famous name at the time which, of course, I can’t remember. But they were like a squared off cowboy boot. I love them.

    I’m not that great in a crisis either. That’s when my daughter or sister seem to have to take over for me, but I’m getting better.

    Well, you’ve convinced me that I need to visit Sanibel Island! I, too, used to have a cool pair of c’boy boots but decluttered my closet and now they’re gone. I miss them but I was too young and self-conscious to wear them cuz they weren’t ‘in.’ Let this be a warning to all moms of younguns who may someday YEARS from now enjoy your boots!!! My mom gave me a sweater she had in college and I totally adore it. Thanks Mom.

  2. I’ve always fancied having a piar of cowgirl boots too! I once considered taking up line dancing just so I had an excuse to buy some! Then my husband bought me some tap shoes – so I had tap lessons instead! Then I got cancer in the bone in my leg and had to stop dancing …. such is life ….

    Heck! I might just get some cowgirl boots anyway!!!! 🙂

    Yep, after this post, I’m thinking I will save up and commit to this, too. I have this really cute skirt that c’boy boots will really make the outfit. Especially since a comment by Hub during the watching of the hat festivities of the KY Derby, “I don’t know what about that girl is so hot, but she is.” and she was wearing cowboy boots with a short skirt! (and a cool hat, of course.) so, there was my not-so-subtle clue to get me a pair.

  3. I had to do some catching up tonight, and I must say I had a nice visit here!

    I will think of you during AI this week while drinking my glass of red wine! 🙂

    Gypsyy-Heart, you make me laugh! AND… Shall we meet in blogland for a quick recap after the songs on AI Tuesday?!!? I will, if you will and maybe if you don’t, ha! It’s another RWBI – Red Wine Before Idol week! This time, I intend to have the corrrect time. I think I will use the autotune feature…

  4. I’ve left some details of how to download your photo gizmos on my site – go back to the blog post you asked the question on! 🙂

    Oh Thank you, I knew you would help me out – I will comment there that I got the note and I will practice. I was trying to use their ‘helpful’ linking options but none were a-happenin’ for me! This sounds like a good approach and I think you will laugh at my Hockneyizing!

  5. After reading the first paragraph I wonder of you are a virgo too?
    The Segway looks fun. I’d love to drive one.
    Great meme.

    HI Bead Den!!! Nope, not a Virgo; I’m a Gemini. That Segway, I remember was hyped so much in mystery! Now, I see some in the cities but mostly for tourism? I need to check and see if Boston has a tour… I’m so glad you stopped by and said hello. Which is great about this meme- you can usually find something to comment on no matter what, right? I often feel like an inadequate commentor, oh well. This was a GREAT comment, thank you. 🙂

  6. […] Jump! From Thoughts to Action… « RWBI Flowering May 6, 2008 I promised an updated pic of The Swale.    We added the rocks a few weeks ago and then just last weekend, added the mulch.   I have […]

  7. I agree with you about the meme’s rules. Tagging people to participate in memes just sounds forced.

    I don’t mind being tagged and sometimes I DO tag but whatever. It’s all for fun.

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