Photo Friday RELIGION

May 2, 2008

  Happy Photo Friday!

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The theme this week is religion.    I pondered this topic, and had too many swirly concepts suggested by my manic brain with no resulting concise amalgamation of words image ideas.   So, I shall post the photos of examples of nearby places of religious institution and then some contrasting scenes from nature.   This is inside a church on the Cape.   The exposed rafters are supposed to be representative of fishing nets, as the church fishes for men’s souls, so I was told.

  Perhaps, the holy spirit? 

 I particularly was taken with this colorful window; is it more fishing for souls?

 This is the steeple of a church in Provincetown MA which I visited on Tuesday.  I was hoping for more photo opps but it was a coldy dreary RAINY day.
 Contrasting with this glorious seed pod of a green lush plant in Costa Rica. Fascinating isn’t it?

And finally, looking to the blue sky from below a flowering cherry tree…    My God as Creator. 

A religion without the element of mystery would not be a religion at all. ~Edwin Lewis



more, others, pls visit! 

Tina at Sky Windows gives us The Prayer Trail.

Linda(Lou) takes us on a tour of a churchy neighborhood and wonders where people park.

Julie’s single photo is quiet and respectful.
Jan – our PF Originator! shows us the top of the church on the day of her wedding – quite impressive!



  1. I really love how you wrapped nature into the religion theme. I was wondering if anyone was going to do that.

    Nature is such a huge part of my faith. I think of how God created trees, and when I look at the veins in my body they have the same look… things like that.
    Good job!

  2. I adore the stained glass windows, my absolute favourite being the tall arched window: fishing for souls. It is equisite.
    However I also like the circular window too – just lovely.
    The nature photographs are a wonderful extra because they highlight creation.
    A great entry! 🙂

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  4. Love the stained glass photo…that was another thought of mine, but of course I didn’t have time to hunt one down! The seed pod photo is amazing….wow…love that as well.

  5. Ya know, I actually really like the church steeple on the overcast day. I have a thing for monochromaticity in color photographs, and this one does that so well. Those seed pods are just sooooo fascinating! Kinda creepy, too! 🙂 Great entry!

    And I love your idea of doing a little synopsis of the other entries. Do you mind if I copy doing that?

    Oh that overcast day was more than grey skies! It was raining pretty good but I was hiding under an umbrella. I just had to take at least one photo!! Yes, it turned out very lovely in its somberness…

  6. I love the fishers of men casting their net. That is beautiful, as are all of these photos. Well done, CuriousC!

    Thx, FWM – I look forward to your 5Meme and feel free to jump in for the 6Meme, too.

  7. I enjoy the pic of nature the best and find NO religion at all, in any pics of Institutions.

    For “religion” is a profoundly personal and intimate experience, which those of us attending social institutions of false practices, have NEVER experienced.

    OH Sue Ann! I am so glad you stopped by! I KNEW you would get this! Of course.

  8. Almost forgot to leave a comment on your beautiful photos. I am curious as to which town on the Cape the church with the rafters is located. Each photo has it’s own separate beauty. Good Work!!!

    Thanks Joan, it is a catholic church in Sandwich.

  9. I absolutely love the nature pics – for in nature I experience the wonders of God. I love steeples and stained glass – although as Sue Ann said, religion is profoundly personal, through my experiences with the Church, I personally feel a goodness and unexplainable sense of humbleness each time I attend church. Those stained glasses and steeples seem to bring out memories of love and togetherness for me. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Thank YOU for sharing! And you’ve changed your avatar! Yes, religion is an extremely passionate personal experience and it is difficult to represent my religion in pictures. However, churches are a symbol to me of so many elements of religiosity – whether I agree with or like these elements. This was an easy crutch for this assignment – take a picture of a church… I find many churches so beautiful but “religion” can often be defined as a man-made institution and I don’t mean that in a positive way.

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