May Day

May 1, 2008

  [Later…   Yes, able to upload.]

Happy May Day!    As a kid, we used to pick flowers, roll up cardboard into a cone, staple ribbons for a handle, put the flowers in, hang these on doorknobs of neighbors, ring the doorbell and RUN!    Fun, fun…
Enjoy my flowers, DING-DONG!   (see me running away?)
Well, that’s what I hoped I could leave on your doorstep but now that I’ve spent all of 10 minutes attempting photo upload, I’ll try again later.   not good for tomorrow Photo Friday if I can’t get this to work!   it worked the other day?!  sigh…



  1. What a cool little May Day thing to do … I always thought May Day was some kind of commie holiday. Or a distress call.

  2. Happy May Day to you! Too bad I didn’t get the day off. 🙂

  3. I wish someone had left flowers on my door. That is such a neat thing to do. But I do thank you for the virtual flowers. I imagine them to be tulips of all colors.

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