April 29, 2008


(notice only orange)  I love orange. 

My husband is out of town.    He doesn’t read this.  (bless him!)    I’m drinking.   I’m not driving.   I am, however, BLOGGING. 

sigh,  read on if you dare….



  1. Some of the best blogging around is done in a state of intoxication. I can type better than I can talk when drinking.

  2. wow – I think I just told you on your blog that I love you. but only cuz AWC tells me so. or red wine.

    I love drunk blogging! Oops! did I really type that!?

  3. drunk blogging. there must be a term for it, just like drunk dialing.

    hehehehe. next time, pour me a glass. i could use one.

    You bet, WH! A glass for you and one for me. Your latest couple of posts about mom-hood had me laughing and crying. Hang in there! Happy Mothers Day in May and AllYearLONG…

  4. blunk drogging? 🙂 Sounds good to me – a glas of wine and my computer! I’m easy to please too!

  5. Blunk Drogging! That’s gRRRReat! hee hee

  6. Hooray for blunk drogging!! 😀

  7. Drunk blogging? That sounds like a good concept.

  8. Blunk drogging; I love it! I’ll leave it to you guys since I don’t really drink after having kids.

  9. OK, ALL! All those in favor of meeting back here on Tuesday night for RWBI and probably Red Wine During and After Am Idol, are welcome to come see if I’ve been idiotic once again.

    BLUNK DROGGING – I’m all for it. Within reason and sanity and safety, of course… “C”

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