Five Fluffs Meme

April 29, 2008

THANKS JOAN!  for including me and being such a great visitor to my jumpy idea land…

5 Things Found In Your Bag  – I have this pink nylon-y purse with lots of zippered pockets and places for stuff.   It’s just about the right size.  I can cram my notebook in if I have to and the strap adjusts which I seem to do often…    Plus it’s pink with chocolate brown – my favorite fashion color pairing du jour.   

  • Pink wallet & checkbook
  • Cool new Mary Kay compact
  • Aleve, Oatmeal Raisin Granola bar – just in case I’m hungry
  • Coins, Pen
  • Sunglasses.   (who knows WHERE I left my keys!)

 a glass table was not the best idea.  See Oscar with his chipmunk under?  or through, whatever.

5 Favourite Things In Your Room

  • Heart Pillow with pocket to hold my dreams – made for me by a dear friend
  • Puppy!   on the bed, of course.  On MY bed, his is in the room; it’s in one of the next photos…
  • My bathroom and JACUZZI TUB!  Love it.   Here’s also the latest garden statue for my tub.   I decided to run around and take all this pics while the tub was filling.    I love to read in the tub.
  • Folding Screen to match my curtains (I heart my mom-in-law for sewing these)   See Oscar’s bed in front of the mirror?   Oscar’s reflection in the mirror?   The white and black stuffed animal my Hub won for me (or for Oscar?) at that restaurant with the games…   Dave and Barry’s?  or is it Steve and Barry’s that’s the sports shirt place.  I get em confused.   Anyway, we named the big stuffed puppy ‘woofus’.   clever, huh?   Oscar was all big-eyed and we were afraid he’s tear it to shreds.   Once he realized it didn’t smell like another dog, he’s ignored it.
  • Closet?   Can I count that?  I love my closet – it’s huge!  I get one wall and half of the other.  Hub getst the rest. 


5 Things You Have Always Wanted To Do

  • Ride in an air balloon
  • Do a cartwheel – never could figure it out as a kid…  😦
  • Visit the UK, Germany, Prague & Vienna, Spain, Greece
  • Visit Banff; ride the train through British Columbia
  • See what I’d look like at 120 pounds and fit enough to run a marathon.   (very doubtful, this one!)    I used to have a grand list of things to do before I die and I just now thought of it!  (while I’m editing and improving this already posted once post.)    Let me see, I know there are more things – I wonder where I put that piece of paper…   Pet a baby seal, sew a quilt, write a book.    

5 Things You Are Currently Into

  • Blogging
  • Reading – TMBTLT
  • Mosaics – actually, I’ve been neglecting this, haven’t I?  Must get back to WIlhelmina soon.
  • Gardening – I so love spring!
  • Volunteering
  • 5 People You Want To Tag

    Hallie, Fool, Stiletto Elizabeth, WrekeHavoc, Fighting Windmills – no biggie!  Just thinking about you…  🙂   [I’m not going to link or even tell you, well, maybe I’ll bebop by and say something…]  Do if you want/don’t if you don’t.   And anyone else is welcome to join in, too. 



    1. I love your stuff. I liked this meme because you really get to know someone by the important things in their lives. The jacuzzi is awesome, especially with all the candles. I like your Heart/Dream pillow especially because someone took the time to make it for you.

      I never did a cartwheel either. My daughter was supposed to ride in a hot air balloon in Arizona last week but they had to cancel because of weather. She was really disappointed. I’m afraid of heights, I’ll pass on the air balloon.

      Great job, thanks, I enjoyed peeking into your life.

    2. Your bathtub looks awesome! 🙂 The little angel statue is so precious. I just recently came back from a business trip, where I was ‘upgraded’ to a lovely suite. It came with a party sized bathtub with a window overlooking Las VegaS! You can bet I had it filled with bubbles, and my little travel candle burned brightly! lol

    3. Oh my God, C! Your closet is bigger than my room. I am so jealous. And what a sweet little puppy.

    4. Fantastic list and great pics. Your pup is adorable and if I had a tub like that, I’d have pruny hands and never get out, ever, you are so lucky! And this is the part where lumpy wants to swear but I shall refrain, “WHAT A CLOSET! I could live there! WTH? My gawsh, you should rent that sucker out!

    5. @Joan, these are fun AND personal. I suppose I could have looked into the pocket of that heart/dream pillow to find more of for the list of things I want to do, but it’s a little painful to see.

      Non-cartwheelers Unite! The last I attempted was probably in 6th grade; my arms gave way and I fell on my head, hard, on concrete. Never tried it again. Couldn’t seem to get the momentum to overcome the gravity.

      @Grace, Ooo! A travel candle, now THAT’s a good idea. Altho, I rarely stay in the places with PARTY size tubs! Lavishness is good sometimes.

      @Annie/WC, yea, the closet is the wow-factor at my house. We use it as a bowling alley with the dog to chase the ball…

      @Lumpy, HI! I love to hear others enjoy the long soaks. I’m suspicious of those who have big tubs and tell me they never use ’em like it’s some badge of honor…

    6. I will definitely do this meme. Thanks for the tag!

    7. […] got tagged by CuriousC for this meme. If you are reading this and would like to participate, please feel free to link back […]

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