Combo of Interestingnesses

April 29, 2008

If “Combo of Interestingnesses” hurts your ears, how about “Combinations of Posts of Interest”?

First off, my blog means I can use my made up words.   Isn’t that right, Moonbeam?  OK, then.

Second, I declare the next 40 minutes, RWBI.   RWBI means Red Wine Before Idol.   It also means that there is nothing on TV I want to watch while I wait for Idol to come on (and a bottle of red wine seems to have been opened in the house. HDTH?*)   I do not apologize for my Idol watching.   so there.   (It’s 8:23 pm my time Eastern when I attempt to write what I want to write in the now 37 minutes before Idol.)

Third, I have read two extremely well-written and thought-provoking posts today that are some-what related and my attempt here is to join the themes.   One of the blogs is by one of my heros.  excuse me, herioines.   Her name is Annie and she is the best of the Writer Chicks I know.   Which is probably or because of her title being “Writer Chick”.   She is a hero to me because she is earnest.  It’s important.    But then, again, I just now looked up the definition so I have to take it back.  Annie is NOT earnest.     She has PLENTY of humor:      Writer Chick Talks

 Not Annie = [defn provided somehow on google…]”characterized by a firm and humorless belief in the validity of your opinions; “both sides were deeply in earnest, even passionate””    She is a great read.     She sent me a Holiday card.   It was a defining moment in my blogging experience.   You can quote this in my documentary on History Channel someday.     or is on the REEL channel or the… hell, I don’t know.

She posted yesterday a few warnings to us all what not to do if you really aim to be an excellent blogglelist.   (Blogglelist is Moonbeam’s word except I can’t find the post that tells me the correct spelling.  It was in a comment to a JoanHarvest post, which are some of the most entertaining posts IN THE WORLD.)

[Time out: Hub just called.   Admitted wine drinking.   air kisses blah,blah,blay, ILYs and hang up.  How much time do I have left?   11 minutes!!!  crud.] 

SO, I save you.   Since there is NO WAY, I can red-wine-drunkenly attempt to commit ALL (or even a few) of Writer Chick’s DO NOT DO ON YOUR BLOG suggestions, I hereby commit you to read the following!

It is the Blogger’s Pledge.    a.k.a. Twelve Step Program for curing a blogging addiction…

Wow. I have 8 minutes to kill. I think I’ll go refill my wine glass. It’s Diamond Night, afterall.


(Sweet Caroline means a LOT to me and NOT because I happen to live in New England. GO Royals.  Yep I’m hearting David Cook.)

HDTH = How Did That Happen?!





  1. Aw C,
    Wow, you honor me with your words (trying to be earnest here) – and a ping-a-ling too? Too much, my sweet. It’s a little difficult to think of myself as anyone’s hero/herione without hurrying to advise that said hero worshipper should look for a 12 step program to get them off the hook. LOL.

    Sincerely, thanks for this – you’re the second person who made my day. Wow, I’m having a good day, aren’t I?
    WC – aka – Annie

    Hi Annie! Yes, I was feeling very happy, generous and over the top hero-worshipper at the moment of this post. Sigh, what can I say? Hope you have LOTS of great days. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the compliment about my posts. I never miss Idol. I didn’t get to have any wine though. I save my drinks until Saturday night when I catch up on DVR stuff and I get my extra weekly 35 points from Weight Watchers.I love David Cook. He should win.

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