Before You Think

April 29, 2008

Before You Think I’m an Idiot…

I DVR’d it.   I’m OK.

I SWEAR, I looked and Idol wasn’t on until 9 pm but NOOOOOOoooooooooooo!  It was on at 8 pm.   I hadn’t even opened that bottle of red wine so I am so confused.

But, it’s OK.  It’s on DvR so I can watch without the commercials.   It’s OK, really.

Feel free to think of me as an idiot cuz I kinda feel like it at this moment.  (It’s 9:07 pm)


One comment

  1. No, no — I’m too busy thinking Paula is an idiot. She commented on Jason’s two songs when he had only sung the first one! Actually, I feel sorry for her — that had to have been embarrassing!

    Yes, one of the best weird-Paula moments of the season! poor thing…

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