What’s This?

April 28, 2008

I felt perfectly fine this morning and yet by 11 am, I think I’ve been SLAMMED with a cold virus of some sort!    Tight closed throat and body aches and head throbbing.

I hope that its speed to move in is a sign of a soon and hasty retreat;  I will myself to feel fine & all sunshiny again tomorrow.    but, right now, I just feel plain weird and surprised at how fast this hit me.

I’m off to drink some OJ and then to bed for a nice nap…



  1. It’s probably the change in weather. The sudden change from hot to cold last night has knocked me on my butt today. Bleh. Time to nap.

  2. At some point in my 30s I realized that every cold I got could be pinpointed to an exact moment. For instance, I’d feel a sore throat and then congestion and I’d look at the clock and think, I have a cold and I got it at 11 AM.
    And it’s been that way ever since.

  3. ahhh, So weird! this is happening to me too! I felt like crap as of like noon today, out of nowhere. Ugh, not good.

  4. Actually, I’m feeling MUCH better now. I didn’t really nap – I watched Juno instead.

    Maybe I fooled it somehow…

    HEY!? what’s with the automatically generated possibly related posts?

  5. Sounds like you fooled it…so glad you are okay.

    Love all your latest posts! Especially seeing your dog and your sweet face!!

    I like the look here..is this new or am I dreaming?

    Good creative energies to you!!

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