Wedding Crazies Followup

April 27, 2008

  All good.

We had a LOT of FUN!   Hub was able to catch one bass to at least qualify him for the season-long points ranking system and was at the church on time and didn’t even smell bad.

He was exhausted by the end of the night, of course.    We had a few (many) drinks, dances, cigars/smokes, and many, many laughs with our friends and neighbors.




  1. Sounds like lots of fun! I’m glad hubby made it on time – and you were finally able to exhale –


    Thanks! It really was a nice affair. But still, I’m glad it’s over.

  2. Glad it all worked out, and that you had a good time. I love your dress!

    Thanks Moonbeam! I’m kinda sad that no fun madcap-mishaps happened for me to blog about. I kinda like my dress, too.

  3. Now I can see what you look like –almost 🙂 Yes, the dress is very pretty. 130 more pounds and I will be able to wear a dress like that. My son would definitely do what your husband did. In his life, fishing comes first, everything else doesn’t matter. He’s won tournaments too. He only does salt water tournaments. He goes after shark, marlin and the big fish. He goes offshore about 200 miles and it always makes me uncomfortable and I am always relived when he is back on land.

    I am glad you had a good time and the wedding and your husband didn’t smell fishy. I know that smell all too well.

    Hi Joan, I have made a few calls to the coast guard myself when the Hub isn’t home when he says he will be. and that is on INLAND LAKES!! but the lakes of Missouri are way WAY much bigger than the 5 ft depth ponds he fishes on here in Mass. He’s strictly freshwater – and only because we just don’t know any of those (and I’m sure) wonderful people who happen to go ‘out to sea.’ We’ve been out once from Dennis,CapeCod – it was fun and I got Big Fish. woo hoo!

    No, I think he was fishing in good temps, not long enough and only caught one so – no smell. what a relief.

  4. pretty dress! and LOL, he “…didn’t even smell bad.” glad it was fun!

    … and ya shoulda seen the shoes! (I just might have to take a pic of them… I tried searching for the ‘official’ image like I’ve seen some of the youngun’ fashion bloggers do but I couldn’t find!!)
    I LOVE my hub in a tux… sigh.

  5. OH yea, Joan! I wanted to address your comment about ALMOST seeing me! I have a shyness to my image on this blog; but I’ll have to get over it, the next Photo Friday is self-portrait.

  6. Please get over your shyness! I was surprised that you cut your heads off. You have a beautiful smile. You and your husband both have beautiful clothes on, but I am struck by the headlessness. 🙂 Of course, there are other ways to do a self portrait than just a head-shot. A gardener might do hands covered in soil, for example.

    OH, my Hub is extremely paranoid about the kooks I hang out with in my blogging adventures, “You can’t trust these people!!” hooey. Like anyone will happen to run into me in the mall and accuse me of…. what exactly? I promise to show a headful shot of me this week for Photo Friday…

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