Wedding Craziness

April 26, 2008

I had trouble with a title for this post;  I hope this doesn’t attract all sorts of bridezillas…  

Guess what my crazy hub is doing today.

You’ll never guess, you can give up without trying.    He’s a groomsman in a wedding this afternoon.   So what did he get up at 4:30 am for this morning to go run off and do?  TOTALLY unrelated to the afternoon’s activities?

He’s fishing in a bass tournament.    THEN….   leaving it early in order to run to the church, change into his tux, and stand up for our friend.   He didn’t tell the groom.   


I think he’s crazy.    I seriously wish he hadn’t said yes to the groom’s request, “Will you stand up with me?”    Just say no?!  

Wayyyyyy back when, the couple told us the date for the nuptials, I specifically told them that Hub would NOT be coming to the wedding, that I would be attending it alone.    Because it is the weekend for the fishing tournament that Hub always WINS!    It’s always this weekend, always at the same pond and whatever karma combines to put the big bass into Hub’s boat;  must be magic.   

Could it be a TRICK!?   That they asked him to be IN the wedding to ensure that he would be there?!   or did they forget what I told them…

I’m to get a ride with another friend so we don’t have 2 cars there.   But now, that friend is at a funeral and may not make it back in time and wants to bow out of giving me the lift.   So, I’ll have to drive (it’s ~ 45 min away.)

Crazy.  I think it’s all crazy.   I’d rather be at the garden centers spending flower-money and then coming home and diggin’ in the dirt…    I’m so glad this weekend has finally arrived and it will soon be over.




  1. I’ve been asked to be the best man at a wedding three times. Twice my response was,

    “Uh uh. You’re not putting this war in my name.”

    I knew a guy who was getting married and most of his groomsmen were on his softball team. There was a game the morning of the event but it’s softball! Nothing happens in softball, right?

    The groom was in left. A high fly ball was on it’s way to him. Normally he was a rather sure gloved fielder but I don’t know what happened that day. Could have been the sun. could have been pre-wedding jitters. Could have been the gallon of booze he was still sweating out. Whatever it was, it conspired to make the ball miss his glove.

    And hit his face.

    That black eye was only injury number one of the day.

    A few innings later, with the groom icing down his face, there was a quick shot back to the mound. The pitcher, one of the groomsmen, reacted by reaching for the ball. Unfortunately, it wasn’t with his gloved hand. Even more unfortunate, it wasn’t with the palm of his ungloved hand. The ball split his hand between his middle and ring fingers.

    And he made the play.

    And was stitched up and they got him to the church on time.

    That was one interesting set of wedding photos.

    And one that could only be beaten if your husband brings along his winning bass.

    OMG! What a fright! and GREAT STORY. Hopefully, the bride wasn’t mad at the softballers, but I bet the bride’s mom was none too happy. My brother once did that: split his fingers attempting a catch w/o a glove. I still remember how much that bled, yuck.

    I actually suffered a catastrophe the week before my wedding: I was washing dishes and cut my hand on a broken glass – had to have 17 stitches! I let the photo guy take the stupid ring pic anyway, bandage and all.

  2. Taking the winning bass as a wedding gift would be neat (as long as they had a hug freezer to hand! It would certainly be a talking point!

    If he had to do a speach he could say: You should’ve seen the one that got away! (potential bride or fish?)

    Hope you managed to enjoy yourself anyway – the garden centre will still be there tomorrow!

    hee hee! Catch&release means I at least didn’t have to worry about having fish to bring to the wedding! We managed to have a lot of fun; everything went off without any problems.

  3. DO u enjoy ut?

    hi Kaylee! Is ‘ut’ a text msg that I’m not hip enough to know? or just a typo for it? Yes, we did enjoy the wedding hoopla and it was a fun day.

    I thought of you while I was catching a glimpses of a baseball game before the reception, knowing how much you love baseball! I was sad that I had to miss a friend singing the Natl Anthem for the KC Royals game Saturday ; and I forgot to tape it. a

  4. I seriously wish that you could film this entire day, and post it here! It sounds like one of those old comedy of errors movies waiting to happen! Can’t wait to read how it all turns out. Somehow, I’m thinking that a bass in a tux might turn up at the wedding.

    Actually, nothing bad happened at all! Hub did finally tell the groom abt the fishing tournament (after the wedding was over!) and all ended just fine. I have no idea why I was so nervous about it.

  5. The wedding and reception, of course, was a lot of fun and we had a great time. No comedy of errors afterall, so I was nervous for nothing…

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