April 17, 2008

Groovy Day, My Readers,

Just thought I would bounce around some random stuff that I feel the need to express.

ONE.  One thing is my tutoring has begun!    I have completed my 4-5 weeks (I forget…) training which was extremely light but fun, and am now working with a young mother who wants help with her mathematics skills in order to pass the GED.   She tells me that she quit school in 9th grade, tried to go back for 10th, quit again, and repeated one more attempt before deciding the GED path would work for her.

She’s bright.   She’s somewhat motivated.   She’s already told me once, “hey, I’m not stupid.”  OUCH!   I felt so bad!  And really had to think what I said!   Maybe I am being TOO encouraging and using TOO MUCH inflection, “Yes!  You know this!!!  clap, clap, yippee!!!!!”   So, I have to be a tad less happy, I think.

However, it is tough stuff to KNOW something and not quite have the grasp of how to explain the something.    

I want to over-explain, I’m afraid.    She has a tendency to get lost in the words of the problem rather than step back and create a scenario with it that makes sense.    See?  Does THAT make sense?

I think we will work it out and we ARE getting along.    She IS quick and seems to not get frustrated too easily.   She keeps her appointments and wants to go fast.    So far, so good.     


TWO.   The second update is…  I’m leaving on a weekend trip and have a Photo Friday post ready to post this afternoon.    I LOOOOVE the feature to publish at a later time.

THREE.    Grace gave me a reading!   Now, I’m not at all sure what all – or how it’s done – etc.   But I’m willing to share some of this online.   next week.     If y’all want me to.




  1. Have a great weekend. I can’t wait to see your Photo Friday! 🙂

  2. What a groovy day! You’re such a blessing to tutor the young lady – I hope it works out very well. I can see where she might take your inflections as “carrying” (see urban dictionary, if the meaning is obscure) her, but I can tell from reading your blog, you’re just cherry and upbeat anyway! There was no mal intent or thinking of her as being “stupid” in the least. She’ll realize this soon enough, I’m sure. I’d prefer your style myself, but that’s just me. I look forward to Photo Friday – and have a blast this weekend!
    Peace, Light Love,

  3. That is great that you are tutoring that mother so she can get her GED. My hat off to you for having mad math skillz. Sadly, my twins are 12 and I cannot even help them with their mathematic homework 😦 Shhh, do not tell…it’s so embarrassing for me. Have a nice trip too by the way! I’m going to have a look around here, you have a lovely blog!

  4. I just wanted to say how much I loved reading, “Groovy day, my readers.”

    As for #3: Yes! We want you to!

  5. Welcome Cordie B and Lumpy!!! Thank you. I’m so impressed with commentors who have so much to say. THank you for not falling for my issue of too much self editing, I’m afraid. WELCOME.

    @MBMcQ, for YOU, of course. 🙂

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