Movie Quiz

April 14, 2008

I have 12 drafts begging for my attention yet, I don’t know what to post about…    I found this meme somewhere within the blogosphere.   Have fun!  No prizes, just self-satisfaction that you know your stuff.

I provide PLOT KEYWORDS (from imdb).   You name the film.

1.   Technology, Profanity, Dog, 2020s, Grim, Tough Guy, Rebel Leader: TERMINATOR TWO – guessed mostly correctly by AUTHOR

2.   Irish, Soul Music, Vulgarity, Elvis, The Lips:  The COMMITMENTS – solved by BoundAndGags

3.  Alligator, Self Referential, Inner Voice, Twin, Car Crash:  ADAPTATION – guessed by JoanHarvest!




  1. OOOH! I’m feeling really stupid because I don’t know any of them.

    I’ve left you some instructions re finding the image url on my blog – go back to the post you put the question on. 🙂

  2. Is 1) The Terminator? or Resevoir Dogs? 😦 (ok admit it – I’m hopeless!)

  3. I need to go to the cinema more – or get DVDs out! (scratching head …..?)

  4. YES! You have #1 Terminator correct! Thank you for playing.

  5. I’m playing. But I haven’t come up with anything yet. I wish my kids were here so I could cheat. They have seen every movie ever made. Well, maybe not quite. I’ll keep trying. Good to get my brain thinking.

  6. The third one -could it be Adaptation, I remember there were twins in it and orchids. That’s the only movie I can think of with twins. I don’t remember alligators but I might remember a crash but I’m not sure. I have such a bad memory and I saw it a while ago.

  7. Yes Joan! Adaptation is #3! Very good!!

  8. OH my i feel pretty dumb, i do not know any of them! 😦

  9. I’d say ‘The Commitments’ due to the Irish soul connection but I’m not sure of Elvis.

  10. YES! Very good. One of my favorite movies – love the soundtrack.

  11. Wow! I got one right! 🙂

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